Women’s Day Special: Let’s Talk Finance, Shall We?  

By | March 1, 2019

Finance is complicated until we make it simple. Let’s give it a try, one step at a time. Are you ready? 

Women’s Day Special: Let’s Talk Finance, Shall We?  

Alright, straight up, this is not another advertising rant that ‘promises’ to get women the right ‘upliftment’ they need when International Women’s Day is around. This is neither a male-bashing post that tries to repudiate the very existence of the male species. Yes, it is true that the greatest revelation for the majority of men belonging to the 21st century has been the fact that women are their equal counterparts. In fact, men have learnt more about women in the last decade than they have learnt in their entire life. But, we shall steer clear of these done-to-death conversations and instead, talk about things that matter. Things as relevant and as pertinent as finance.  

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Historically, the control over finances has always rested with men. Throughout the 20th century, women across most households had ‘secondary’ jobs. The primary bread-earners were always men. Kids would grow up watching their father as the man of means and their mother as the woman of disputable resources. Women would get their occasional allowances but seldom would they have any say over how finances should be handled. And, it carried on like a tradition of sorts until the turn of the century.  

The modern woman is independent and free but she’s still fighting discrimination every moment of her life. A mere glance at statistics puts a lot of things in perspective. Consider this data from a government report – ‘In urban areas, a woman with a graduate degree gets paid Rs 690.68 per day in the transport and storage sector while a man gets 30% more at Rs 902.45. In agriculture, an illiterate woman worker in rural India receives Rs 88.2 per day while an illiterate man receives Rs 128.52, which is 45% more.’ And when you think of it, the gender pay gap is just one of the million things that are wrong with the world today.  

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So what’s the way ahead?  

Perhaps we can take a cue from women leaders across the globe who emphasise on creating a world that we envision for ourselves. However big the idea sounds, it all begins with the first resolute step. If you find finance to be intimidating, then tackle it head on, as you have done for so many other things in life. Begin with the basics and build on from there.  

Take off the cryptic glasses with which you look at finance. Bring in a dash of fun and jazz it up if you want to. Finance need not be all about boring Insurance policies and investment funds. It can also be the occasional splurges, the weekend parties, and the solo trips.  

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There is a world of opportunities out there. So, step right in and grab your share.  

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