4 Covid-Safe, Budget-Friendly Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2020

By Kishore Sabareeshan | November 29, 2020

Wondering how to spend New Year’s Eve this time around? Read on to discover some neat & safe ideas!

How to Throw A Pocket-Friendly New Year Party

Waiting to bid 2020 goodbye? Well, much like the year, the farewell of 2020 is going to be one-of-a-kind too; loved ones are far away, purse strings are tight, and you have a pandemic to worry about. With these things in mind, here are four safe and budget-friendly ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

House Party Online

If you’re someone who’s used to hosting New Year parties, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it this year too; just give it the Zoom/Skype twist. Send your gang invites to your BYOB online party, get food delivered to their homes (pay via a Credit Card to get the best deals) and log in! Voila, you have yourself a COVID-proof New Year’s Eve party.

Sing, dance and welcome the New Year together, while staying safe in your own homes.

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Home-Cooked Food Under Starry-Starry Night Sky

Here’s one for those who love long drives/rides. Whip up something delicious and easy to carry, and head out to one of the nearby camping or hiking spots. Of course, you’ll want to make sure to choose a safe, permissible and less-crowded spot. Once you’re there, set it up with a picnic basket, a nice warm rug to keep you snug and maybe a Bluetooth speaker to go into the New Year dancing!

If possible, raise a toast to the Early Man with a bonfire, and there you have it – you’ve got yourself a party out in the wild!

Your Favourite Movie and Some Chinese

Talk about the perfect sleepover plan. Now before you sigh it off, just think about the cozy evenings you’ve spent watching your favourite flicks, while spicy, garlic infused, sweet and sour delights took you to oriental heaven.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime gearing up with new releases, you’ll have a lot of drama, comedy and action to ring in the New Year with you – you decide the vibe!

Pro tip: Make Netflix payments via a Credit Card and unlock exclusive discounts!

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Set Up Your Own Dance Floor

All you need is an LED disco bulb or string lights and a kickass playlist. The best part of this dance floor? You won’t need to beg for requests, make your way through random drunken strangers or use a dirty loo! Instead, you can dance away (in your finest attire) and bring down the house with your favourite tracks playing through the night and maybe wee hours of the morning without compromising on safety!

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