5 Crazy Investment Ideas Bollywood Accidently Taught Us

By Sonal Bhadoria | April 11, 2015

Good old sweet Bollywood. It has helped you in every stage of your life. How to impress girls? Which places to visit in Switzerland? How to be passive aggressive towards your parents? Yes, Bollywood gave us answers to so many of our questions we didn’t even know we wanted to ask. So it isn’t really surprising that wisdom about investment was also parted out. So here’s a look at times when Bollywood gave us weird ideas about how to invest money.

1) Ande Ka Funda

Andaz Apna Apna

Source: Ultra

Side stepping the ridiculously brilliant idea of getting rich by marrying a rich girl, the cult movie Andaz Apna Apna gave us another gem of an investment plan- poultry farm. When evil twin Teja lays out his egg-citing plan to invest Ram Gopal Bajaj’s life’s savings, you have to admire the beauty of this simple idea. Chicken->Eggs->More Chicken->More Eggs->Endless Omelettes.

2) Bhai Bhai Na Raha


Source: UTV

The thriller Race isn’t for the faint hearted. And no, we are not talking about Katrina Kaif’s acting in it. In this mother of all double crossing movies, on realizing that their father had secured identical life-insurance policies for huge sums on each of his sons, both brothers come up with ridiculous plans to kill each other for the money. In the end, big brother Saif manages to kill bad seed younger brother Akshaye, his supposed wife Katrina as well as fake his own death, thus pocketing all the insurance moolah for himself.

3) Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

Flop Show

Source: YouTube

Now this isn’t Bollywood per se, but we are allowed to venture into TV shows a wee bit for this. Jaspal Bhatti’s iconic Flop Show gave an insane idea to acquire property-by hook and crook. How? Just don’t vacate the house. And then demand some 50k-60k from the owner to give back his own house to him. Change 6-7 houses and voila-you have money to buy yourself a new property now.

4) All The Worst

All the best

Source: Youtube

The movie All the Best boasts of some poor quality slapstick humour. But it also gives a stunning example of how to convince people to invest money on a fluffy idea (something many entrepreneurs would appreciate). Ajay Devgn and Fardeen Khan need Rs 5 lakh to register their car for an illegal race. They borrow the money from a local loan shark who then invests Rs 5 lakh of his own. They lose the race and to pay back the Rs 10 lakh now, they rent out their bungalow and collect a hefty deposit money. Dumb idea though, but still an idea.

5) Double Trouble

Hera Pheri

Source: YouTube

Phir Hera Pheri’s title itself sounds fishy na? In this movie, Bipasha Basu assures a gullible Akshay Kumar that she will double his money in 3 weeks. Yup, he just has to invest 1 crore and it will magically become 2 crore. And that is the scheme part. Just bunch together a group of people willing to give you money for doubling, you would definitely end up a millionaire.

Now this was all silly fun. Can you think of any similar Bollywoody idea? Please share in the comments section.

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