5 tips on saving electricity bills!

By | November 25, 2014

Energy Savers

Electricity prices are rising almost every year adding to the pressure on the pocket for an average household. With inflation running around the prices of even essential commodities including food, vegetables and oil prices have made it difficult to operate a house in a pre specified budget.  While the government on its part is trying to look at various renewable sources or energy like wind and solar power, the energy prices for conventional sources are only likely to follow an upward trend.

Almost every household can save at least 20% on their electricity bills if they operate their electric appliances carefully without wasting electricity. Just like water, electricity is also precious as long hours of load shedding would justify. Let us look at some of the common tips that one can use to save on electricity bills but cutting out unwanted consumption of electricity.

Use Efficient Lights: If you have not replaced bulbs in your household yet, it is time to change those high energy draining bulbs and replace them with more energy saving options like CFL and LED bulbs. While CFL bulbs cost a little higher than conventional bulbs, they offer energy savings to as much as 50% or more compared to the conventional bulbs. Plus the light emitted by a CFL bulb is much brighter compared to a conventional bulb. The white light emitting CFL would just require a 25 Watt CFL to replace a 100 Watt bulb thereby saving on electricity.LED bulbs are now replacing even CFL’s offering much brighter light with one tenth the electricity consumption compared to conventional bulbs. Since LED technology is not being used as much for now, the prices of LED bulbs are a little higher for comfort. But considering the savings an LED bulb offers it is well worth spending extra money of light sources for once and enjoy energy savings for a long time.

Illustration: Let us assume that Mr. A replaces 2 tube lights in his home with CFL tube lights. A 5 W CFL tube light would be sufficient to give approximately 220 lumens of bright light which is almost the same as given by a 28W conventional tube light. Let us assume the both CFL tube lights are used for an average of 8 hours every day for 30 days. Assuming the cost of electricity is Rs. 5 per unit, Mr. A can save Rs. 302.4 every month as the total electricity bill gets reduced to Rs. 648 by using CFL tube lights instead of Rs. 950.4 he would be paying using conventional tube lights.

Embrace Solar Power: Embracing solar power can be a wonderful way to save electricity and using the free available solar power for everyday needs. Various state governments are giving subsidy for people installing solar water heaters and other solar based energy appliances. Solar powered energy can cost a little upfront but with no monthly electricity bills to take care of, solar powered panels are worth their weight in gold. From solar cookers to sale heaters and solar water panels and water heaters, there is enough room for solar powered appliances especially in commercial establishments like hotels and guest houses.

Opt for Energy Saving Appliances: The next time you are out to buy an electrical appliance, take a look at the star rating for energy saving apart from the cost. A large number of people shop for electrical appliances by looking at its costs and simply overlooking its energy compliance. If a five star rated air conditioner is a little expensive than a three star one, it is a better idea to go in for one with a higher star rating which would save of electricity costs compared to a three star one. Opting for energy saving appliances especially the ones which draw in more power like a treadmill, air conditioner, vacuum clear etc can go a long way in reducing your monthly electricity bills.

Improve Energy Efficiency of your Home or Office: Energy efficiency of any home is a natural way to make sure the house stays warmer in winters and cooler in summers to avoid use of unnecessary electricity. Opt for thick curtains during the summer season which can allow blocking unwanted electricity thereby ensuring that the air conditioner would cool the room quicker than anticipated. On the other hand using slim light curtains in winter seasons would ensure there is ample sunlight in the room thereby reducing the time of a room heater to warm the room temperature to a desired level.

Avoid Wastage of Electricity: This may sound as an obvious tip but a large number of people are still wasting way too much electricity which they can save by better and smarter planning. Make sure to invest in a thermostat inside the rooms allowing for a cut off temperature in case of winter heating. Shut off appliances like refrigerators when not in use especially in the winter months. A computer continues to drain power even if it is left in a hibernate mode. Make sure to shut off your computer and other electronic gadgets when not in use.  Consider using a laptop instead of a desktop computer as laptops and notebooks are more energy efficient and use up to 90 per cent less power.


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