5 Ways To Protect Your Debit Card

By Pradeep Kumar | February 4, 2016

How To Protect Your Debit Card

It wouldn’t ordinarily occur to us to think that our Debit Cards are in great need of protection and somehow, a vast majority of us are under the impression that security for Credit Cards is essential while the same isn’t an absolute priority when it comes to the humble Debit Card. Why is this? Maybe all those horror stories about Credit Card scams and ruthless Credit Card companies are to be blamed, or maybe, the fact that not everyone is qualified to own a credit card has dramatically ramped up the image of the Credit Card in the eyes of the common man. Either way, the ‘injustice’ is blatant and defies logic!

Debit cards in India are as common as our varied opinions about politics in this country. Isn’t it time we held our Debit Cards a little tighter, and offered them the love and protection they deserve? Listed below are 5 different ways you can protect your Debit Card against an untimely death (physical damage) and/or misuse at the hands of a shady character.

Never Share Your PIN Details

This bit is simple and every bank tells you to do this before handing over Debit Card details to you. Getting a Debit Card goes hand in hand with opening a new savings bank account and comes in handy at the ATM when you need to draw out money. Quite naturally, anyone with access to your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be in an easy position to do the aforementioned act. Thus, NEVER share your PIN number with anyone- including people from your bank, family members and that friendly waiter at your regular watering hole.

Protect the Force, er the Black Stripe

The most important section of the rectangular expanse that is your debit card, is the thin black stripe found on the bottom side. This stripe contains all the information pertaining to your identity and authority over the card, in coded, voodoo format. This stripe is sturdy but isn’t immune to damage from sharp instruments, abrasions, strong electrical and/or magnetic fields or a trip through the canines of your family pet. Protect your debit card with a fine mix of attention and common sense.

Thou Shall Not Bend It

A good Debit Card does many things, but the one thing it isn’t adept at is the fine art of circus gymnastics. To put it simply, avoid bending your card!  Don’t let it end up at weird angles as it might when nestled in the back pocket of your jeans, or when being used to pry open a door or to check the gaps between two adjoining rocks at an Inca monument (We’re joking about the last one). Use the debit card for the intent that it was meant for, and not as some prop that helps you out when you’re busy personifying  James Bond or Indiana Jones!

In the Debit Card Universe- Keep your eye on the card!

When handing over your Debit Card to anyone for any reason, never let it out of your sight. In this age of online scams and overzealous con-artists, it pays to be vigilant about your plastic money. And if you do suspect any unauthorized activity on your Debit Card, contact your bank ASAP.

When Online, Watch out for the Traps

Today, online frauds and phishing activities are incredibly common as more and more Indians are purchasing products and services online and paying for these with their Credit or Debit cards. Often, potential victims are baited with deals that sound too good to be true, or are tricked into sharing personal details about themselves. When you are using your Debit Card online, look out for any irregularities and be careful when sharing personal information. A bit of caution never hurt anybody.

So, there you have it, the often repeated axioms for safe and responsible debit card usage. Have a suggestion? How about sharing it in the comments section below? We’d love to hear from you.

And now that you know how to keep your Debit Card safe, perhaps you’d like to open a Savings Account and get one for yourself!

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