7 Times Your Parents Had Different Ideas About How To Invest Money

By Sonal Bhadoria | April 6, 2015

Ah parents. They always have your best interests in their mind. But sometimes, their financial advice seem to come from another century. You can’t blame them though, they sure have lived in different times. And we aren’t saying their suggestions are bad. No way. They are dripping with wisdom and sound logic and do work out great in the long run. But we have some different ideas about their different ideas. So here are some typical lines your parents throw at you when the topic of investments comes up…and some responses you might meekly offer.

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But it hardly comes out of the bank locker, and when it does, you are always scared someone would steal it.

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Arey Ma, that is just a disclaimer.

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Supewoman dad

Dad, Harshad Mehta happened 23 years ago.

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Yes Dad. As you say. But the returns are soooo low.

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Sigh. Mom, when was the last time you checked the tax rules.

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But Dad, my job, location and marriage plans change ever so often. Plus EMIs toh jaan le lenge.

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Which one of these have you heard from your parents? Let us know in the comments section.

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