All you Need to Know for Your First Credit Card

By | September 1, 2015

With a Credit Card comes great responsibility.

Enter Team BankBazaar! You don’t really have to experience everything yourself to learn from it. Count on your friends who’ve been there and done that – US! Just a few things to remember while using your card and you’re set. Ready? Here we go:

Commitment Issues
Stick to your first card. Understand each other, love…live. Make that relationship work! In simple words a hasty second card may not be a good idea. Missing payments on multiple cards – your CIBIL score be hurting, yo. Get our drift?

Reward Points
Who likes reward points?  We ALL do!
Who uses their credit card JUST for reward points? NOT YOU. No further discussion.

Hawk Eye Henry
You’re hungry and at a restaurant. You know exactly what you want but don’t know if it’s available there. The waiter hands you the menu and you go into hawk-eye mode. Go through your monthly statement in the exact same way! Unwanted/ fraudulent charges are quite common these days. Avoid them!

Max It Up
Don’t let minimum payments be your thang! Get your priorities right and always pay your outstanding balance in full. If you take care of this, nothing much to it really.

Time Is Money (literally)
Time your purchases in such a way that you make the most of the interest free period on your card. How does that work? Do some research. We can’t do EVERYTHING!

Something tells us, you feel very responsible now. Like, let’s get a credit card’ type of responsible, no?

Apply Now!

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2 thoughts on “All you Need to Know for Your First Credit Card


    Dear sir,

    Through your website applied for HSBC credit card no response from the HSBC, can you look
    into it and help to obtain the credit card please.

    1. Team BankBazaar

      Hi Y R GANESH,

      We’re sorry to hear about your situation. Could you please reach out to our customer care and give them your application details? They will be able to provide you with an update on the status of your application. You can reach them on +91 44 66511800 or write to them at support[at]bankbazaar[dot]com

      Team BankBazaar


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