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4 Habits that can Hurt Your Credit Score

With Credit Cards, making timely payments isn’t the only thing to remember. You’ll be shocked to know the truth. What you consider normal may have a completely different meaning for your bank. We’re letting you in on some big secrets. Read on: Making A Minimum Payment Every Month Yes, you are making a payment every… Read More »

5 Types of Credit Card Users You Definitely Fall Under  

  Hair colour is now readily available at every department store and experimenting with it is becoming a norm. There are those who only hide their greys, get streaks in funky colours, bleach strands of their hair so that they can use cheap colours over and over or colour all their hair. Of course, there… Read More »

Dangers of credit cards!

The one thing that he forgot was to be educated about the different features this card offered, read the agreement and understand the cost of using each of these features. The card offered a grace period or free credit period of 30 days. Thereafter, it charged 3.5 percent interest on the outstanding amount due. Mr.… Read More »