Apple to scale up operations in India!

By | March 27, 2013

No More Second String Services to the Masses of India- Apple to Scale Up Operations in India, with a Higher Number of Exclusive Stores

The Indian consumer has always felt a little underprivileged, when it comes to services rendered by the global technology giant, Apple. Apple Inc. is known to set performance and aesthetic benchmarks time and again, with their flagship products, such as the iPhone and the iPad. These products, exuding class and intricacy, have received wide acceptance from the Indian consumer, which is reflected by the terrific sales numbers. The Indian consumer on the other hand, has always received second string services, with Apple products and technologies, reaching the country, after a considerable amount of delay post the actual global launch.

Apple is planning to significantly push up its presence in India, so as to grow aggressively in the potent market. Upbeat over the success of its flagship product the iPhone, in India, it is investing heavily in scaling up operations in the country. It plans to increase the number of its exclusive stores to 200, which is almost thrice the current figure. The increase in the number of exclusive stores, would translate into advantages like the timely launch of products, better services, better accessibility and above all reasonable pricing. The lower price advantage is primarily because of a clause fit in by the Indian government, which makes it compulsory for Apple or any other foreign investor, to purchase 30% of the components of its products from local vendors, which would in turn reduce manufacturing costs. Some franchisees believe that, the Cupertino-based company has already identified a number of cities, and will include a lot of modern features in its stores, such as glass décor, in line with what it does in the US.

For the Indian consumer, who is very tasteful and informative, when it comes to smart phones and mobile computing devices, this is the beginning of a completely new era, which promises some of the best products in the world, at the best possible prices, saving a lot of his hard earned money.

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