Special packages for backward states!

By | March 27, 2013

The Central Government Considering Special Packages for Backward States, Aimed at the benefit of the Masses


As the summer 2014 polls near, the UPA government is aggressively pushing for reforms and taking steps, which could contribute to its popularity. One move that could make a difference is being contemplated at the moment. The center is considering some backward states, for a special economic package, which is primarily aimed at helping these states, in setting up processes which would make them self sufficient. The names of these states include Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand.

Some states, mainly Bihar, have been demanding a special status from the centre, because of the financial predicament that is prevalent in their industrial structure. The government instead of conveying an outright denial has adopted a rather diplomatic approach, by making them eligible for a special economic package, which wouldn’t grant them the same advantages as a special status, but would still suffice their needs.

While the implications for the populations of these states are obvious, they also justify the decision, both on political and logical grounds. The financial assistance would help the state governments generate significant employment, and would eventually lead to a better living standard. The masses can expect the cost of essential commodities to come down, along with a flurry of major investments in the most profitable industries of the state. An example is the tourism industry of Uttrakhand, which has suffered because of the lack of adequate infrastructure and proper marketing; factors which can be improved only by the infusion of fresh capital.

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