Top Tips For A Healthy Home Loan

By | September 4, 2015

So you’ve finally got your very own little patch? While things look great, here’s a little something for you to get through your home loan repayment period with as little stress as possible – so you can sit back and enjoy the sunset from your new balcony!

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Warm up first

Checklists can be a life savior, so make sure you have one, listing all your other existing outstanding loans. Credit loans, personal loans – leave nothing aside. This way you know what to tackle at the end of every month, prioritize right and avoid unwelcome surprises. Totally doable, right?

Essential detoxing

You can exercise the option of lowering your credit limit and make sure you stay well within your spending comfort zone. Avoid as far as possible adding new loans to your existing ones, unless it’s to tackle your already existing ones. Be on time with your payments, maintain a good credit score. Yes, you can!

Flex your muscles

Once you have your list in place, work towards getting financially fitter. In your case, it could mean making a few lifestyle changes – maybe two annual family vacations instead of three or finally learning how to cook Italian instead of giving in to your weekly craving for fine dining. Nothing’s impossible!

Build your stamina

A home loan is a long-term commitment which requires a little patience along with a little planning ahead. Bonuses, closing of deposit schemes, maturing of tax saving investments – however insignificant they may appear, are guaranteed to help you keep afloat. Eyes on the finish line!

Like all good things in life, a dream is always a great starting point. And if “Home, Sweet Home” is what you’ve been day-dreaming about, we’re about to make it come true! Get your Home Loan today.

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