BankBazaar’s Power Couple Rati & Arjun Featured In Elle India

By Sanesh Mathew | February 27, 2019

BankBazaar’s co-founders Rati and Arjun Shetty were recently featured in Elle India. Read on to know more. 

BankBazaar’s Power Couple Rati & Arjun Featured In Elle India

A happy marriage and a successful business venture are two highly-valued life achievements. Agree? Well, we’re pretty sure you’re going to say that one mustn’t mix business and personal life coz it’s usually a recipe for disaster. But, hey, that’s so old-school. Don’t take us by our word. We’ve got proof – our very own power couple, Rati and Arjun Shetty, BankBazaar’s co-founders.

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This awesome husband-wife duo was recently featured in Elle India along with four other power couples. These couples have played a significant role in the momentous growth of start-ups in India and redefined the whole concept of ‘relationship goals’.

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In case you missed the story on Elle India, here’s what they had to say about our co-founders:

Anyone with a keen eye on India’s start-up space is well aware of the success story that is Rati and Arjun Shetty, along with his brother Adhil, started BankBazaar (an online marketplace for financial products such as loans and insurance) more than a decade ago. Like many brilliant start-up ideas, BankBazaar too evolved from a problem and the Shettys were keen on solving it. “In 2007, when we were trying to get a loan to buy a home, we found the process too tedious and time-consuming,” says Rati. Today, not only are they helping India’s young secure a loan with an almost paperless process, but are also aiding entrepreneurs like themselves to be better at money management with a new range of business cards. Just like at work, the couple values each other’s individuality, interests and ‘me time’ at home too. While Arjun likes to unwind with a few hours on his electric skateboard, Rati makes it a point to hit the gym every morning. “The other highlight of my week is carpooling with my kids and their friends. Twice a week, I drop them to school in my vintage ’73 Beetle and we play some spelling games during the ride,” says Arjun.

(The above excerpt was originally published as part of a story in ELLE India on the 15th of February, 2019)

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