Being In Love Will Cost You! Spend Smart This Valentine’s Day!

By Ruth Singh | February 14, 2022

The heart wants what it wants, but if your brain doesn’t have some wiggle room, your bank account might take the beating. 😀

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First things first, how did it all start…this day of love? Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year – it started out as a Christian feast day honouring one, or even two, early Christian martyrs by the name of St. Valentine. But it was the poet Chaucer in the Middle Ages who was the first to link St. Valentine with romantic love. This was the beginning of the tradition of courtly love, a ritual of expressing love and admiration. 

So, there you have it. That’s where this world-famous day first had its roots. But whether you’re a believer in this ‘love day’ or whether you absolutely detest it or think it’s so cliché, we all have celebrated it at one point or at least wished our partner was a believer in the tradition because we secretly were! (Come on, just admit it! :D) 

Love Doesn’t Come Cheap 

Now this is directed at those who go all out for Valentine’s Day – we know you’re out there! If you smiled at that sentence, you’re probably going to do something BIG to celebrate. That’s great! Celebrate love and the ones you love! But like how you wouldn’t jump off a cliff without a parachute, you don’t have to jump off a financial cliff either and hurt your hard-earned moolah.  

That’s why there is no better time to talk money — your money. (I know, leave it to a bank to think about money on Valentine’s Day.) That being said, getting a Credit Card can give so much with every swipe! Besides what the myths have to say, if you make a habit out of handling your card well, the extra deals can get you the most out of your shopping. It comes with offers galore that fit in best with every occasion. Talking about personal finances may not be as romantic as a candlelit dinner, but we believe it is essential to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Here’s some great tips to help you out: 

  1. Plan Your Finances: Keeping in mind what your partner likes, make sure that you have a realistic budget planned. We know that sometimes all that matters is making them happy, but an outline of what you’re bank account can take, will give you an idea of how much is okay to shell out. We’re not saying be a miser on Valentine’s Day, we just don’t want you worried about your finances the day after
  2. The Best Relationship: The best relationship one could ever have is a relationship between their heart and brain…you must develop a habit into using both at all times! Stick to your budget or don’t go drastically above it – keep in mind the bigger picture.
  3. Have a Partnership:  Just like a relationship is a partnership of equals, management of finances is also a responsibility of two equals. Working together to make smart money decisions will help you jointly build up funds that will afford you the luxury to pursue the finer things in life
  4. Common Goals: Discuss short-term and long-term aspirations to identify clear life goals you would want to pursue as a couple. Buying a home together, going on one international trip every year or setting up a business, can be some of the common ambitions, and defining the same can help chalk out a plan for working towards. Honest and open communication in deciding financial goals is key for a secure future. 

These pointers will keep you on the straight path to celebrating wisely. And like Uncle Ben who so wisely said it in Spiderman, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility!’, use your power to steer smart, through life’s many decisions. 

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Valentine’s Day and the Economy 

Valentine’s Day is the biggest consumer holiday after Christmas and economies love it! According to the National Retail Federation, in 2020 consumers were expected to add $27.4 billion to the economy. One reason that the expected spending was set so high was the consideration of different demographics involved. 60% of people between the ages of 25-34 will celebrate and 58% of people 18-24 will as well. But only 51% aged between 55-64 were said to celebrate and even less over 65. 

In India, the online and offline market for Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences has been steadily increasing every year and the trend is set to continue this year as well. According to sources, on average, most ecommerce platforms clock transactions worth Rs. 10 Cr to Rs. 20 Cr in the week leading up to February 14.  

India has also been a leading exporter of roses every year. Last year, roses worth around Rs. 27-30 Cr were exported by Indian rose growers for Valentine’s Day celebrations to countries including Malaysia, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and others. In 2018, the rose exports stood at Rs.23 Cr and in 2017 it was Rs.19 Cr, according to Indian Society of Floriculture Professionals. 

Who woulda thought? Those stats were jaw-dropping! So, whether it’s roses, a nice gesture, a HUGE one or something simple yet thoughtful planned, your Valentine’s Day should consist of nothing but good memories from start to finish. There are so many offers to benefit from around the Valentine’s week which can actually save you dough while you shop! The only way is to find the right ones that makes the most sense for you. 

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