Best Of Credit Cards, Personal, Home And Car Loans – December 2016

By BankBazaar | December 12, 2016

With the year winding down to a close, December brings in tons of good cheer coupled with a slew of holidays. As Christmas and the New Year draws near, expenses are sure to shoot through the roof, considering all the shopping, partying, and vacationing going on. Regardless of the nature of these expenses, there can be no better time than during the month of December to take advantage of Credit Cards, Personal Loans and other financial products to keep your spirits up. In fact, you could even move into a gorgeous new home or drive about in a snazzy set of wheels to bring in 2017 in style.

In any case, if you’re looking to buy a bunch of gifts for your loved ones, or take a holiday abroad, or just party like there’s no tomorrow, then we have some amazing Loan and Credit Card offers that should take care of any expense you can dream of.

Top Credit Card offers for December 2016

It’s time to spread Christmas cheer among all you friends and family members. However, that’s easier said than done. Buying gifts for everyone could certainly drain your bank account before you can say ‘Santa Claus hides black money in his beard’. But, don’t fret! With a Credit Card, you can complete all your shopping well in time for the holidays without looking nervously at your wallet every now and then. To help you get ready for the massive shopping spree you’re about to embark on, we’ve put together some amazing Credit Card offers just for you.

AXIS Bank Vistara Credit Card

  • Air Insurance cover up to Rs. 2.55 crore
  • 1,000 Club Vistara points as activation benefit
  • 15% discount at restaurants across India

What you’ll love: One base fare waived economy ticket on joining.

Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

  • 2 free movie tickets per month on spends of Rs. 15,000
  • 1 free movie ticket per month on spends of Rs. 7,500
  • Book any day and any show across PVR cinemas

What you’ll love: 1 additional free movie ticket every month on spends of Rs. 750 at PVR cinemas within the same billing cycle.

Citibank Citi Cashback Card

  • 5% Cashback on movie ticket purchases
  • 5% Cashback on all online utility bill payments
  • 0.5% Cashback on all other spends

What you’ll love: Rs. 1,200 Cashback on MakeMyTrip domestic flight booking. Offer valid till 27th December 2016.

Top Personal Loan offers for December 2016

Dying to go on a much-needed vacation with your family to close out the year? Of course you are, but everyone knows how expensive airline tickets and hotels are every December. However, with a Personal Loan, you and your loved ones can head to holiday destinations the world over and take that vacation you’ve always been dreaming about. Here are some amazing Personal Loan offers that come with affordable interest rates. If you manage your finances well you can certainly end 2016 on a high note.

Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan

  • Fixed interest rate starting from as low as 11.99%
  • Loan tenure ranging from 1 – 5 years
  • No guarantor required

What you’ll love: No processing fee and e-approval facility available.

TATA Capital

  • Fixed interest rate starting from 12.50%
  • No part-payment or pre-closure fees
  • Loan tenure ranging from 1 – 6 years

What you’ll love: Top up loan facility available.


  • Attractive fixed interest rate from 11.49%
  • No guarantor required
  • Balance transfer facility available

What you’ll love: Part-payment allowed once a year upto 5 times the EMI amount.

Top Car Loan offers for December 2016

If you’ve spent the entire year walking from place to place and have had it up to your gills with auto rickshaw drivers ripping you off, then it’s time to step on the gas and head into the New Year with a brand new set of wheels. With these fantastic Car Loan offers you can drive about to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to depend on your aching feet to get you around.


  • Fixed interest rate starting from as low as 9.50%
  • No guarantor required
  • Top-up loan facility available

What you’ll love: Part-payment facility available.

TVS Credit

  • Floating interest rate starting from 13.10%
  • Top-up loan facility available
  • Zero processing fee

What you’ll love: Paperless approval option available.

Capital First

  • Attractive floating interest rate starting from 13%
  • No guarantor required.
  • Top-up loan facility available

What you’ll love: Zero down payment with 100% Loan-To-Value Ratio.

Top Home Loan offers for December 2016

Celebrate Christmas and bring in the New Year with your family in a brand new home. What could be better than getting friends and relatives over to bring 2016 to a close in a cozy, new pad of your own? If that sounds good to you, then these fantastic Home Loan offers should help you finally acquire the home you’ve always longed for.


  • Floating interest rate starting from as low as 9.15%
  • Special rates for women applicants
  • Top-up loan facility available

What you’ll love: Paperless approval option available if you provide documents online.


  • Low fixed/floating interest rates starting at 9.25%
  • No guarantor required
  • Part-payment facility available

What you’ll love: No processing, part-payment or pre-closure fees.


  • Attractive floating interest rates starting from 9.20%
  • Part-payment facility available
  • No guarantor required

What you’ll love: Top-up loan facility available.

If you’re looking to wrap up 2016 without draining your finances, then taking advantage of these amazing offers should be right at the top of your list of priorities. Apply now and grab the New Year by the horns.

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