Car Loans: Don’t Let The Pressure Get to You

By | September 7, 2015


On Sunday, September 6th, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton took pole position at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, sporting a new crop of bright blonde hair. And demolished the opposition with a 25-second lead over runner-up Sebastian Vettel who raced for Ferrari.

Yet, Hamilton’s goose was all but cooked as he got pulled up by the race stewards after the race.

Mercedes was subjected to a ignominious investigation for an infringement.

Hamilton fans looking forward to a season-long demolition of opposition got the fright of their lives.


Hamilton’s tyre pressure was 0.3 PSI below stipulated levels.


Three tenths of a bar and you get docked?

But, that’s Formula One for you. Very formulaic.

Feel blessed that buying a car is not hinged on such harrowing minutiae or mind-numbing regulations.

In fact, things are much simpler if you opt for a car loan, provided you plan your cash outflows well and service your loan diligently.

So, the next time you feel purchasing a car is stressful, take the pressure off yourself. Go for a pitstop. Take an online car loan.

While you consider that, here’s what happened at the end of the race: Star Wars director George Lucas walks up to Hamilton to conduct the podium interviews.

He asks Hamilton, “So, do blondes have more fun?”

Hamilton laughs, and turns to the crowd, and shouts, “Thank you, everyone!”

Anyone’s guess what that meant!


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