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Double Whammy: The Dual Effect Of Trump And Demonetisation On Indian Investments

Find out how the double impact of Donald Trump’s presidential victory as well as Narendra Modi’s demonetisation scheme can affect your existing investments as well as help you plan your investment strategy.

How To Invest In Times Of Economic Uncertainty & Geopolitical Risks

With the threat of war looming, it is important to know how to invest in times of adversity and to keep your existing investment portfolio well protected. Read on to know more.

Everything You Need to Know About The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme has been rather popular since its introduction. Let us answer some frequently asked questions about the scheme for you. We can also tell you why Gold Bonds are a good investment option for the long term.

Is Now The Right Time To Be Buying Physical Gold And Silver?

Gold and silver have always been coveted assets. Now that the financial world is witnessing a meltdown, does it make sense investing in them? Find out.

Gold Bonds or ETFs? Take Your Pick!

There is a view that sovereign gold bonds will adversely affect the growth trajectory of gold exchange-traded funds (open-ended funds traded on stock exchanges) in India. While it is premature to arrive at such a conclusion, the fears are not entirely unfounded, according to some analysts. Before any opinions are formed, however, it would do well to understand the significant differences between bonds and ETFs.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

India is commonly referred to as a sub-continent and rightfully so. India has not just a varied geography but a varied demography as well. India is made up of a vast variety of people from all walks of life. While Indian religions, cultures, social ceremonies and auspicious days vary from one ethnic group to another, the one thing that remains constant is our infatuation with gold.

Prime Minister’s Gold Schemes

Indians and their love for gold goes back a long way. In several households, rural as well as urban, gold is still considered an important component for investment. Considering the huge demand for gold in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched three gold-related schemes. These schemes will not only help consumers invest in gold, but will also allow them to earn interest on gold that’s been lying around.

Gold Prices See Near Six-Year Low

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen commented yesterday that she was “looking forward” to a rise in the US Interest Rate. One wonders what this could possibly mean to the average individual. Well, it certainly means something to anyone who buys gold because this comment led to a major fall in the gold price. In fact, it has slumped to the lowest it has ever been since 2010!