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Tax Planning And Saving Tips For NRIs

Has it become extremely difficult to manage your income in India and abroad? As your income doubles, so do your responsibilities. But don’t worry! We have some tips that can help you plan your taxes and save better too. Read on.

NRE vs NRO: What’s The Difference?

If you are an NRI, you might need to repatriate money earned overseas to India. Or, you would like to manage income from India from your foreign location. Here’s where NRE and NRO accounts enter the scene. Learn about the differences between the two.

Stock and Rupee – Will somebody tame the bear?

India is witnessing a fall all around from the stock market to currency value. The only thing that is showing some strength in the market is Inflation.  Even theory of relativity fails when it comes to pulling down the Inflation in India. Crude price has recently shown some weakness as the price of Brent has… Read More »

Retirement planning for the NRI!

Our society is changing. Nuclear families are the norm. Inflation is high and hence money needed to fund the retirement is increasing. Additionally due to longevity of life, the requirement for retirement fund will further increase. This is where the right retirement planning helps individuals spend their time in old age with dignity.