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Implications of railway budget 2011-2012

This budget too is another of Mamata Banerjee’s goody goody budget which has not increased the fares for passengers. Also she has proposed reduction in the online booking charges. But the budget totally lacks in terms of growth and vision for the railways, for example what will a country of our size do with an… Read More »

Housewives and Budget 2011-12

There is nothing and then, there’s everything! These are the exact sentiments that would echo through most Indian households and more so from the Women who manage these households. Let’s take a look at what is in store for housewives and Indian women in the coming year as an outcome of Budget 11-12  

Onions might not been an investment !

“biggest reforms are not the ones that make the headlines, but the ones concerned with the details of governance, which affect the everyday life of the aam admi” -Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Budget speech 28 February 2011 All of us can heave a sigh that the government has taken a very important view on controlling prices… Read More »

Taxation aspects & its effect on industries

“The collection of Indirect taxes has seen a healthy growth during 2010-11” as said by our Finance Minister. The industry expectation was that owing to this, there may be a roll back on the tax rates that were reduced 2 years ago and partly increased last year. However the Finance Minister’s budget speech has come… Read More »

What budget 11-12 holds for you!

The main impetus of the budget is to improve the growth rate and get it to 9 percent in the near term and to a double digit rate in the medium to longer term. The other two areas of focus are Infrastructure development especially in Rural India and Improving Governance by shoring up Systems and… Read More »

Highlights of railway budget 2011

The suspense of the railway budget 2011 has been undone today. Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee today presented the third budget in UPA-II in the Lok Sabha. The budget seems to be a combination of strong economic focus along with enclosures. The Railway minister said that there will not be any increase in the fares. Concessions… Read More »

Health care and pharma budget wish list

The healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry are one the most important sector for India’s growth. Several proposals were suggested by ASSOCHAM to facilitate substantial investments in the healthcare sector in its pre-budget memorandum to the finance minister. Hence, if you are interested to invest in a couple of Auto industry stocks and worried at how the… Read More »

Auto sector and the union budget!

Had you invested in the Auto sector stocks last year, you could have earned a healthy return of more than 35%. While the long term growth prospects of this industry looks bright, surging inflation and input costs might act as an impediment in the short to medium term. So, if you are interested to invest… Read More »