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Contains budget coverage stories for 2012

Taxation aspects & their effect on personal finance

The Union Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee presented the Union Budget 2012-13 and has given a marginal benefit on the much awaited income tax slabs for common people. The biggest beneficiaries would be people having income between 800,001 to 999,999 per annum. They move from the 30% slab to the 20% slab!   Personal Income… Read More »

What the budget holds for women?!

Budget in India always tries to encourage the women by giving tax exemptions and other benefits. The tax exemption limits have generally been higher than that for men or senior citizens. The allocations for women welfare and child healthcare has been comparable with other developing countries but there has always been room for more innovative… Read More »

Budget 2012-13 and the Young ones (SMEs)!

What Pranab has in store for Small and Medium Enterprises – The Young ones of Indian Industry SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and the Entrepreneurs had many reasons to smile after Mr. FM finished his budget speech. According to experts, these sectors are highly vulnerable to the unexpected changes in the market conditions and need… Read More »

What Budget 2012-13 means for Businesses and Industry

I Must Be Cruel Only To Be Kind – Pranab The finance minister quoted Shakespeare’s Hamlet before starting the second part of his Budget speech. A long monotonous speech had a humorous pause albeit a very small one. To quote him “The life of a Finance Minister is not easy. Various players, including policy makers,… Read More »

Quick Preview – Budget 2012-13

The FM has outlined 5 major objectives which have been kept in mind to prepare the budget 2012-13 1. To focus on the domestic demand 2. To assist the process of getting more private investment in the economy 3. Remove Supply side bottlenecks especially in four sectors – Agriculture, Infrastructure, Railways and Civil Aviation 4.… Read More »

Is the budget only about taxes?

The first thing an average citizen of India thinks about before any Government Budget is about his/her personal income tax. Discussions during and immediately following the Budget presentation by the Finance Minister is also about income tax slabs and the tax savings instruments. But is the budget presentation only about income tax? Income Tax As… Read More »

Last minute preview of budget 2012!

The Reserve Bank of India has left the key rates unchanged. Repo rate remains unchanged at 8.75% in the policy review on 15th March 2012. Probably, RBI would have sensed the UPA government’s inability to present a bold budget to bring in economic reform, and therefore, it has suspended the further relaxation in policy rates.… Read More »