Festive Tips: How to close a Car Deal

By | October 20, 2015



The holiday season is almost here and with Dussehra and Diwali festivals coming up, the best time to buy a car is now. The key factors you need to keep in mind is making sure you buy a car which suits your style and matches your budget. Let’s give you a few tips which might get you a great deal on your first car.

  1. Timing is everything

December is the best time to buy your new car as companies’ advice potential customers to make their purchases to avoid a hike in prices at the beginning of a new year. Also time your visit on a weekday rather than a weekend as the business is slow on weekdays and the salesperson is likely to make you a good offer. When buying cars, “Timing is money”.

  1. The invoice price

If you have zeroed in on your dream car, it’s time to look up the invoice price. It’s the price the dealer pays the manufacturer for the vehicle. With an exception of brand new models or an all new version of the car you should be able to get your car of choice closer to the invoice price. Take time and research the invoice prices of the models you have shortlisted, so when you do speak to the dealer, you are in a better position to bargain.

  1. Dealer research

Buying your car from a reliable dealer will save you time and money. Do your research about dealers on websites which allow customers to leave their reviews about dealerships in your city. With the festival season on, dealers will try and compete against each other with attractive offers. You can decide on a dealership when the rate closest to your budget is offered. Talking to your friends and neighbours who have recently bought cars also helps. A second opinion does matter.

  1. Meet the sales manager

A sales manager is the final decision maker on the price and he will evaluate your offer. When you are through with the research, call and get an appointment with the sales manager of the shortlisted dealership. By doing this you are sending a clear message that you are serious about the deal and you know what you are doing. A straight shooter is better than a salesman.

  1. Test Drive

Once you have shortlisted the dealer based on your research experience the vehicle first-hand. Communicate with the dealer that you need a demonstration of the car and arrange for a test drive. Make sure you ask questions about features you might’ve missed out during your research. A good salesperson will always assist you with your queries and educated you about additional features.

  1. Depreciation

Always consider the depreciation factor of the car you are willing to purchase. A few models hold their value when compared to others. You might want to consider a model which does not depreciate rapidly resulting in a lower resale value.

The prices and the guarantee of a good car deal may vary with your requirement, supply and demand of that particular model. But following these top tips will set you in the right direction to negotiate better. Now that you’re equipped with the right information, the only thing left to do is to check out our range of car loan offers.

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