Financial Zodiac – November 2016

By Sanesh Mathew | November 17, 2016

What’s in store for you this month? A lot of money or a near-empty wallet? Let’s find out if the money gods are working in your favour (or not) this November.

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Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Good news, folks. The month of November looks great for you as far as money is concerned. You are allowed to spend lavishly this month; no strings attached. You won’t be seeing any major expense this month, so you can spend your money the way you want. However, it would be wise to invest in an emergency fund and probably revise your portfolio too. It’s for your own good; your future self will surely thank you for it.

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Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Jackpot! The money gods have fallen for your charm and you are going to be rewarded soon. It is not very clear from where that extra money is coming. But that shouldn’t matter, right? Until it’s time to file your IT return, that is. We’d say that you keep the money safe, probably in a Fixed Deposit. You could also invest, provided you don’t fall prey to any dubious schemes.


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Your finances look good for the month. Don’t let your money rot in your account. Instead invest it in good avenues and make it grow. Don’t forget to save for rainy days also. And, please do spend some on things that you love. Don’t listen to what people say. Spend as you wish, but wisely. Just don’t end up spending your entire fortune!


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Lot of money-making opportunities will come knocking on your door this month. Anyway, you are well settled for this month financially so you can choose to ignore a few of those opportunities. Ignore, unless you want to add to your bank balance. But please don’t take any risks. And strictly no splurging just because you have enough money with you. Don’t let your savings run dry!


Financial Zodiac – November 2016
Get your priorities right first! Running your household requires your special attention this month. You must keep a tab on your expenditure. There will be temptations at every corner. Everyone knows how much you crave for a lavish life, but it is not time (at least not yet!). Focus on savings and investments and someday you’ll be able to live your dream life. Cool?


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Ah, the spendaholic in you is waiting to come out. But don’t you let money burn a hole in your pocket! Spend on stuff that is absolutely necessary. There is a lot of time for you to get your hands on all the stuff you desire. Splurging on them now can lead you straight into a financial mess. As far as your finances are concerned, they seem fine as of now. You’ll see some good returns if you have invested in the share market. Also, don’t worry about your finances much; they are likely to improve in the coming months.


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

You are going to be minting money this month. A lot of money-making opportunities will come your way. Make sure you grab them before they slip by. When it comes to expenditure, steer clear from impulse buys. You should aim to save and invest your money rather than spending it extravagantly. Everyone knows that it is going to be hard for you, but it is for your financial well-being. Don’t you want to become financially independent?


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Take it slow! You want to become rich and pretty soon. But, haste makes waste (remember). Take one step at a time. The good thing for now is that your finances are working out in your favour. This month, you’ll be able to effortlessly take care of your regular expenses. You’ll also be able to save a lot of money. But you’ll need to maintain a healthy balance between your income and expenditure. Or you might end up overspending, toppling your finances all over again! Oh, have a great birthday month, Scorpios!

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Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Cheer up, folks! Your finances look bright for the month. You’ll have enough money to sail through the month smoothly. Also, you’ll have enough to put aside as savings. But, make sure that you don’t end up spending that money to buy stuff that isn’t needed right now. This month, you also seem to be in the mood for charity. It is a good deed indeed. So, go ahead and donate some money to charity.


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

If you are planning to save for your future, this is the right time to start. Money flow is good this month for you. However, it isn’t going to be an easy task to manage your finances and plan your investments to meet your future goals but nothing comes easy in this world, right? Just keep a check on your spending and you’ll be sorted at least when it comes to saving money. Good luck!


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

You are going to get enough and more money this month. But your love for entertainment and luxury will see you losing a large chunk of money on them. But that’s okay as long as it happens only once in a while. Don’t let temptations get the better of you, else you’ll find yourself in a financial mess. And don’t forget to save – for your future as well as for rainy days.

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Financial Zodiac – November 2016

Unfortunately, your finances don’t seem to be in place this month. Not to worry, it happens to everyone. No risks. No being impulsive. And no hurried money decisions. This is the time you need to be extra careful and watch your every move. Maybe you should focus more on saving for the future. This will help you avoid such situations. Oh, and don’t worry about your regular expenses of the month. You’ll be able to meet them comfortably as long as you control your spending. Okay?

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