Financial Zodiac – October 2016

By Sanesh Mathew | October 12, 2016

Let’s take a look at how your finances look for the month of October 2016.


Financial Zodiac – October 2016

Guess who’s lucky this month? Yes, you only! October brings along a lot of money. Yay, party time! Oh no, wait. Though you are going to be financially strong, you need to be careful about where you spend your money. It’s the right time to focus on your future and saving for it. If you are smart, you’ll start making investments (new ones!) in different avenues to grow your money. Oh, like we always tell you, don’t forget to consult a good financial planner before you start investing.


Financial Zodiac – October 2016

Something doesn’t seem right, fella Taurean! Guess it’s your finances for the month. Yes, your finances are in a bit of trouble this month. This is why we always stress on planning your finances for the long term. And this includes setting up a contingency fund for unexpected situations like this. Hope you get the point at least now.

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Financial Zodiac – October 2016

You’ve been good with your finances over the past few months. No wonder your finances are pretty strong even now. So, you don’t have to worry about money for this month. Cool, eh? You’ve been really good at saving money too. But if you are aiming to save more money and secure your future, then you will have to cut out all your unnecessary expenses. Planning to invest? Try talking to an expert about your goals and let them help you.

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Financial Zodiac – October 2016

October looks alright on the financial front for you. Nothing great, though! You’ll comfortably get through the month without any financial hiccups. You are likely to see an increase in your earnings this month. Maybe you are going to get a promotion or a bonus or a new job. Whatever it is, handle all your extra money with care. It would be better to invest it in a safe avenue like a Fixed Deposit or Debt Fund. If you want to spend some money to buy some stuff for yourself (with the festive season sales and all), you are free to do so. But, spend reasonably!

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Financial Zodiac – October 2016
Dear Leo, your finances seem to be in place and will remain so throughout the month. You’ll even be left with some spare cash. Friends or relatives may want to borrow some money from you. But we don’t think it is a good idea to lend, at least not now. Rather, we would advise that you invest all your spare cash in a low-risk product like a Debt Fund or a Fixed Deposit.


Financial Zodiac – October 2016

Charity is like, your thing! You are so giving and that’s what everyone likes about you. This month, you seem to be in a mood for some charity. And your finances look fine too. So, go ahead and make donations. You can also indulge in some of your personal wants too, just maintain some limits, though. Over-indulgence isn’t really a good idea right now. Got it?

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Financial Zodiac – October 2016

Your finances seem pretty healthy and that’s a good thing! But since you are easily tempted to spend unnecessarily, there is a high possibility that you’ll end up spending all your money very soon. So, what can you do? The time seems right for saving. Start focussing on saving more money than usual. Sounds good? Also, you are likely to see a rise in family expenses. So, prep your finances for it.


Financial Zodiac – October 2016

God! You’re the most intelligent creature on this planet. And this very intelligence of yours is going to fetch you good monetary gains this month. Although we are not sure what you are planning, we hope it doesn’t involve looting a bank or something! While cutting corners to earn some quick cash is okay, we would advise that you inculcate the habit of saving some money every month. It isn’t that hard, trust us.


Financial Zodiac – October 2016

Lots of positivity coming your way this October. The money gods are in your favour and you’ll be seeing good monetary gains through the month. Even your past investments have been performing well and you are likely to get good returns from them. However, be careful where you spend or invest your money. Fine?


Financial Zodiac – October 2016

Your finances look rather weak this month. There will be no monetary gains from anywhere. If you don’t handle financial matters carefully, you are going to screw up your finances. Also, do not borrow money from anyone even if you’re low on cash. Managing with whatever little you have is better than piling up debts. We would advise that you start saving money more often. Okay?


Financial Zodiac – October 2016

How does a part-time job sound to you? Well, since you’re obsessed about increasing your income, getting a part-time job along with your main job seems like a good idea. What do you think? As far as your finances are concerned, things seem alright for the month.



A financially charged month lies ahead for you. Before you indulge yourself, you need to take some time out and deal with all your financial issues till date – starting with your debts. Once you’ve settled everything, you need to think in terms of savings and investments. It’s better to be prepared for the future, right? Basically, we’re telling you not to blow up all your money unnecessarily, rather put it to good use.

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