From The HR Desk – January 2017 Roundup

By BankBazaar | February 6, 2017

Just like our salaries, January came and went in the blink of any eye. The month went by so quickly that we barely had a chance to pause and take it all in.

But, thank God for technology! At least we get a second chance to revisit and appreciate all the fun-filled moments we enjoyed over the past month, and maybe even show off a little as well.

So, here’s a quick roundup of everything we did in the month of January:

The Singapore Launch Celebration

It was a proud moment for BankBazaar when our Singapore operations were officially launched, with ANZ coming on board as our first partner.

This was a direct result of the sheer amount of hard work put in by different teams across various functions and locations.

We sincerely hope that this is just one of many more exciting ventures awaiting us this year!

From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up

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The HR Stuff!

To ensure that our employees have a seamless experience with their HR-related interactions, we moved on from our old HR management system to a more dynamic HR management tool. Our HR team is always looking for ways to make life at BB better. Thanks, guys!

In addition to this shift, we also introduced ‘Birthday Leaves’ so that our employees can enjoy their special day with their loved ones without worrying about losing their annual leaves.

Blood Donation Camp – Chennai

A pint of your blood could save up to three lives. And there are quite a few health benefits in it for you as well. Kudos to all Chennai folks who donated their blood!

From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up

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Samvitti 2017

At BankBazaar, we value our employees. Samvitti 2017 was organised to honour those who have been with BB for more than 5 years.

From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up

Meet our senior BBians (not by age, but by tenure). These fine men and women have completed more than 5 years of service with us and we can’t thank them enough for their contributions.

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Pongal Celebration

Pongal is a four-day long harvest festival usually celebrated across Tamil Nadu during mid-January. Here’s how our team in Chennai thanked nature for providing them with a successful harvest:

From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up

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Veshti Day – Chennai

Without the traditional veshti (dhoti), Tamilian culture is incomplete. Even though young men today opt to wear jeans or chinos, the humble veshti has kept its allure alive as the preferred garment during festivals and weddings.

“A dhoti isn’t just for special occasions. Instead, it’s an apparel that lends flair and elegance to your everyday look. And it makes for trendy office wear as well,” says Rajashekaran A.R, IT team – Chennai.

From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up


There were a slew of competitions organised across BankBazaar offices in the month of January.

We witnessed a Mad Over Ads contest (results awaited), carom tournaments across BB locations and a Foosball tournament in Bangalore, which is still going on presumably because they can’t find the ball.

From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up

Along with this, the Weight Loss Challenge winners were announced during the last week of December before making a mad dash to New Year buffet offers all across the city.

From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up

Gamers across office rejoiced as the humble X-box finally became a part of BB Bengaluru. No more playing Counter Strike with our mobiles under our desks. While as part of Fun Friday, the Nungambakkam folks competed for dominance by flexing their muscles in a tug of war, emptying gallon after gallon of whey protein while they were at it.From The HR Desk – January 2017 Round-up

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