Government Of India Makes Oral, Breast, And Cervical Cancer Screening Mandatory

By BankBazaar | October 10, 2016


Government Of India Makes Oral, Breast And Cervical Cancer Screening Mandatory

There is a ‘can’ in cancer because we CAN beat it. And the Indian Government is taking steps to make sure that we do by making the screening of oral, breast, and cervical cancer mandatory for citizens over 30 years of age. The ministry has identified 100 districts across the country which will be participating in the cancer awareness program which will kick off in Agartala this November.

The Union Health Minister, JP Nadda, was quoted saying, “Early detection of cancer can lead to better health outcomes. This initiative of implementing population-level screening for common cancers can save many precious lives and improve the quality of life of many more. Population-level screening envisages screening for risk factors which will generate awareness on healthy living, thereby focussing on prevention of the diseases. Cancer shares common risk factors with several other common Non-Communicable Diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases.”

For the first time ever, the Government of India has prepared operational guidelines for Cancer Care, cancer prevention and management. All males and females above 30 years of age have to mandatorily undergo the screening test. The most commonly occurring cancers in India are breast cancer, uterine cervix cancer, and lip/oral cavity cancer. Together, these three types of cancer constitute 34 percent of all cancers in India. Hence, screening of these is a health priority, making the government’s initiative an important one.

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Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, Director of the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research stated, “Till now, there were no operational guidelines for cancer in the country. The major focus was on heart and diabetes. But since the Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about having a framework for cancer in three months, the ministry took it very seriously. He had made this announcement on March 31. We were asked to have a meeting with the experts from all parts of the country in coordination with WHO and the Ministry of Health.”

The objective of the cancer screening program is to provide guidance to states about the next steps after screening for the three common types of cancer.

Dr. Ravi Mehrotra was also quoted saying, “The aim is to ensure that screening for all cancers is provided as close to the home as possible by competently trained personnel in well-equipped facilities and ensuring privacy. This framework is intended to provide guidance to states for the management of these three common cancers in rural and urban areas.”

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