Realistic Ways To Save For A Trip If You’re Just Plain Bad At Saving

By Kishore Sabareeshan | July 2, 2019

Want to save for a big vacation but just can’t seem to keep your money with you? Relax! Here are some easy ways to save even if you’re a bad saver. 

Realistic Ways to Save for a Trip If You're Just Plain Bad at Saving

Don’t we all have that dream holiday destination on our mind? As with anything else, even vacations need great planning, financially at least. Don’t lose heart if you haven’t been able to save up quite as much as you’d have liked to up until now; here are some realistic ways even someone who’s not a good saver can cut back on expenses and stock up enough funds for that dream holiday!

Buy in Bulk

Whether it’s your monthly provisions, cleaning supplies, beverages or stationery, opt for bulk purchases. Buy enough stock to last you at least a month or two – this way, you’ll spend less than buying small quantities frequently. Even when it comes to your favourite snack or beverage, experts say buying in bulk makes you crave it lesser and thereby spend lesser on those cheat days, so stack up, save money and you may also end up consuming less junk!

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Keep Your Goal In Sight, Literally

While this may sound silly, looking at your goal every day actually helps build focus. Let’s say you have a goal to save up Rs. 50,000 for your year-end solo trip. Instead of just keeping a track of this in your spreadsheet, write down this goal wherever you can easily see it – this could be on your whiteboard, in your bedroom and yes, on your laptop and phone wallpapers too!

The more you keep seeing your goal, the more driven you will be to ensure that not a day of slacking occurs until you reach your target. Try it!

Put A Temporary Hold On Luxuries

Sure, during the course of your plan, you may be tempted to go party at a fancy club or watch all the latest movies in the cinemas. This is where you have to exercise your will power and control your expenses, at least till your target is achieved. Though entertainment expenses seem trivial on the face of it, they can really eat up your savings, big time!

It’s the same case with food. While you can enjoy the luxury of ordering in food once in a while, try and cook every now and then – you’ll be amazed at how much you can save!

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Share Netflix Accounts

Don’t want to miss out the latest episodes of your favourite shows on Netflix? Fair enough, but consider sharing your account with 2-3 people so that you can split the membership fee. While you may be able to easily afford an exclusive account, it doesn’t hurt to cut costs wherever possible, at least for your vacation goal!

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Choose House Parties Over Downtown Nightouts

Planning to meet your friends over the weekend? Host dinner at home or suggest the idea of meeting up at one of your friends’ houses – not only will you end up spending less, but you may also end up having a better time than you did outside! You can always hit the downtown pub once you’re done with your trip, right?

So, there you go. These simple saving habits can be adopted by just about anyone, so go and make that dream vacation happen!

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