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Know Your Rights! Credit Card Billing Rules from July 1st, 2022

Here’s everything you need to know about Credit Card billing, effective from July 1st, 2022, as defined by the RBI’s guidelines around Credit and Debit Card issuance released in April.

4 Angry Credit Card Customers & What They Should Do

  Bollywood is very popular for portraying the angry young men (and sometimes women). Various actors have played the part but Big B is the one who began it all. Here are 4 stories of angry credit card customers and how they should handle the disputes. Dispute 1: Oops! Got the wrong bill Ravi bought grocery using his… Read More »

Credit Cards: 2 Ideal Ways to Use the Interest-Free Period

What would you do if you found a big bag of cash on the road? Grappling with all the possibilities? Well, those possibilities could be your reality, if you use your credit card on the right day. The interest-free period can be 45-55 days,beginning with the first day of the statement period (or billing cycle)… Read More »

When you should not use your credit card!

Credit card is one of the most important financial inventions in modern times. However, this much-sought after boon can be a real bane to your finances if not used with care. Here are a few instances when you should restrict the use of credit cards in order to keep your finances in order. Using credit… Read More »