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The Adventures of the Taxpaying Common Man

Most people probably have a love-hate relationship in their minds with Kim Kardashian. On one hand, she’s always on the media radar, on the other hand, she’s always on the media radar. You probably also have a love-hate relationship with your taxes, on one hand, you never know if the bill at the restaurant fits… Read More »

6 Golden Goals to Kick-Off Your Financial Planning

Just like each football match requires a strategic plan for each game, so does your financial life. Here are some must have, unavoidable financial goals that should be part of your strategic plan.     YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO: Make sure your investments are lining up with your goals – SIP Calculator

When It Comes To Financial Planning, Confucius Say…

Well, when we conversed with him, Mr. Confucius was confounded when confronted with the conundrum of Financial Planning. Confused? Let’s face it. It was a different world then. Insurance as a product probably didn’t exist (if you don’t count daylight robberies); so, checking your life insurance options was probably unheard of. Land was conquered, not bought using loans;… Read More »