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Investing in Equities: Risk or Reward?

  Broccoli soup or Grilled Chicken? Salad or Burgers? You probably did not pick the Broccoli soup but we all know that it’s healthy. When it comes to investments, people have their own preferences with gold, land and FDs, but not many pick equities. Equities are considered risky and some even consider them akin to… Read More »

Who Else Wants to Know Their Rights as an Insurance Policy Holder?

The next time you set out to buy insurance and find your eyes glossing over reading the policy wordings and lengthy contract clauses, remind yourself of what happened to Sumit Diwedi. Sumit Diwedi (44) now regrets the day when he believed the insurance advisor who told him that all diseases will be covered under his… Read More »

Investor expectations from union budget!

As the finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley braces himself to present the first union budget of the NDA government, there are high expectations from every quarter. From the common man on the street to the housewife struggling with high inflation and from the financial markets analysts to the long term investor, everyone is waiting anxiously… Read More »