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How to remain ‘unbeaten’ even after retirement

In cricket, batsmen who have played long innings often go back to the pavilion ‘retired hurt’. Not very different from what most working professionals do when they reach the end of their career – they end up retired and hurt. Financially hurt, that is. So, why do many Indians face a retirement crisis? First, India,… Read More »

Reverse mortgage, ideal for senior citizens?

Till recently senior citizens of India did not have a way to liquidate their most significant and largest asset the house but now people like the Kumars can take a lump amount as a loan by pledging their home. They can also opt for this amount on a periodic basis…monthly, quarterly etc. They will never… Read More »

What reverse mortgage does for the senior citizen

Recent reports seem to indicate that a very small percentage of senior citizens only seem to have taken advantage of the facility since its inception. This could be perhaps a better awareness had not been created about the product. The product is still evolving and may take on new dimensions depending on how the banks… Read More »