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How to remain ‘unbeaten’ even after retirement

In cricket, batsmen who have played long innings often go back to the pavilion ‘retired hurt’. Not very different from what most working professionals do when they reach the end of their career – they end up retired and hurt. Financially hurt, that is. So, why do many Indians face a retirement crisis? First, India,… Read More »

When you first start to save

Be regular with your investment. It is best to allocate a portion of your funds from your monthly income and make arrangements to transfer it immediately to another account, from where you can plan your fund allocation for each investment. Do not use the bank account that you utilise for your day to day expenses,… Read More »

Investing in FDs? Here's some know how!

The highest risk faced with fixed deposits is the effect of inflation. The real return after adjusting for inflation is very less or sometimes negative for fixed deposits of banks. This is a big burden, particularly for retired people, who have invested their retirement proceeds to get regular income. Their income may be regular and… Read More »