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Stocks or mutual funds?

Investing is the action of buying an asset with the aim of making profits and earning income. Contrary to what many people believe, investing is a long-term activity, while trading is a short-term activity. A successful investor takes a look at the fundamentals of the asset before putting down his money to buy the asset.

Does high turnover ratio equal higher returns?

As an investor, you should be concerned about the way in which the fund manager manages your fund. If he buys and sells the stocks in the fund regularly, you end up paying more and thus reducing your returns. While this strategy can give you high returns, it is more likely that the fund manager… Read More »

IPO Part 2: Initial Public Offers are back

One of the most important mistakes done the previous wave was the sheer disregard to fundamentals while investing in IPOs. This was due to the huge hue and cry over IPOs and how they gave bombastic returns on the first day of listings. “Hey i brought XYZ Company at Rs 175 in the IPO and… Read More »

PE ratio, buy quality stocks at bargain prices!

Assume there are two companies A and B, operating in the same sector. If PE of A is 30 and PE of B is 22, then B is considered to be a better buy, as the market price has not gone up to reveal the earnings prospect of the company. But A is considered to… Read More »