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Useful Tips to Reign in Your Variable Income

Monsoon is loved by everybody. Well, almost everybody. The rain can surprise you on a very sunny day and is generally unpredictable. Although the rain can be a dampener on your weekend plans, there’s just something really magical about the weather. Unfortunately, there’s nothing beautiful about your income being just as unpredictable as the rains. Here’s… Read More »

Does high turnover ratio equal higher returns?

As an investor, you should be concerned about the way in which the fund manager manages your fund. If he buys and sells the stocks in the fund regularly, you end up paying more and thus reducing your returns. While this strategy can give you high returns, it is more likely that the fund manager… Read More »

Understanding NAV

NAV or Net Asset Value is the aggregate of the market price of all the shares contained in the portfolio, inclusive of cash after deducting the liabilities divided by the sum of units issued. It can also be called the book value of the unit of the fund. Learn all about it here.