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By Bank Bazaar | July 28, 2015

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Apps now run your world, absolutely. Can you imagine being able to find the next place to eat without a review app and your trusty maps? Of course, there exist apps whose sole purpose is to prank your friends or entertainment in the form of transforming your picture to an old man, a zombie or a blemish free you.

But apps do make life a lot easier and so do these money management apps. No more bills stashed away in every pocket.

Here are five apps that make handling your finances a breeze.

1. MyUniverse

If you are tired of operating multiple sites and remembering passwords, here’s an all-in-one app to keep everything in one place.  You can make transactions through all your accounts here. Be it your bank accounts, credit card, mutual fund, demat account, loan accounts, insurance or utility bills. You can make payments, track expenses, check balances as well as get investment advice with this app.

The app also sends automatic payment reminders for various bills payments. Since it is connected to the bank, even an ATM withdrawal will automatically be recorded here.

Upside: With MyUniverse, you don’t have to manually enter any information.

Downside: As the app stores all your passwords, there is a security concern. However, it assures that your data is absolutely secure through a VeriSign encryption.

Pricing and Compatibility: The basic app is free, but is limited to two accounts. The annual premium package costs Rs. 599 and a lifetime subscription costs Rs. 4999. It is available for both, Android and iOS users.

2. Splitwise

Concerned over splitting bills with your friends while going on a vacation? Does your roommate keeps forgetting to share his part of rent? Splitwise is there for to help you. This money management app resolves the money splitting woes and acts as the perfect bill tracking tool for you.

With Splitwise, you no longer need to save each bill. You can enter the expenses in it immediately and create a group with your friends to split the bills. The app will do the math for you and even sends reminder mails to your forgetful friend. You can also view your balance, track spending trends and set up email reminders for bills.

Upside: With this app, tracking and sharing bills is hassle free.

Downside: You will have to manually enter bill details. The entries in a group can be deleted by any users.

Pricing and Compatibility: Splitwise is available for free for both, iOS and Android.

3. Spendee

This is an easy to use app to manage your finances on the go. You can log all your day to day expenses as well as earnings. The app generates, reports, charts as well as alerts to let you know where you stand. It is an ideal way to know if you are spending too much on any particular, say for eating out, shopping or be it a higher fuel expense.

You can set a time to enter transactions so that it sends reminders for you to be systematic.

Upside: You can invite your family or friends for planning finances or expenses together.

Downside: It is not connected with bank accounts, so manual entry of data is required.

Pricing and Compatibility: It is available for free for both Android and iOS users.

4. iExpense Diary

If you are one of those millions who are finding it difficult to track your expenses and always end up overspending, iExpense Diary app can be a great help.Expenses can be manually entered in this app on a daily basis.

The app prepares a pie chart to help you in tracking the category where you are spending maximum in a week or month. You can also export your statistical reports to PDF and email it to yourself to have a detailed review.

Upside: iExpense Diary helps in improving the weak areas in your spending.

Downside: You will have to manually enter all details in the app.

Pricing and Compatibility: iExpense Diary is free for both Android and IOS users. However services like custom categorization of expenses, pass code protection and statistical reports are available for paid users of iExpense Plus, which is priced at Rs.190 annually.

5. Money View: Financial Planning

This is another popular expense tracker and bill management app. It auto tracks all your card and net banking spends through SMS tracking. The app even sends personalized reminders to pay bills and finds relevant savings options, making it a perfect financial partner in your phone.

With Money View, you can check the account balances of multiple accounts without having to login to each account separately. You can also record your cash spending, to make it easier to track your expenses.

Upside: This app never reads your bank login, password or OTP, but works through SMS tracking, making it safe to use.

Downside: This app is not available for iOS users

Pricing and Compatibility: Money View Financial Planning app is available only at the Google Play store and is available for free

Where all your money went could have been a constant question at the end of the month, but you don’t have to worry about that any more.

The app that says “I’m Batman” in different ways for you is another winner in case you need to remind your roommate why he needs to pay up.


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