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Financial Independence with a Credit or Debit Card!

All pioneers of women empowerment should be focusing on is the ultimate weapon – financial independence. Having an individual credit card/ debit card empowers you financially and mentally as well. Many Corporates and financial institutions have taken a progressive step towards this end by offering unique products, services and packages for the upliftment of women in India.

Top 5 Money Management Apps

Apps now run your world, absolutely. Can you imagine being able to find the next place to eat without a review app and your trusty maps? Of course, there exist apps whose sole purpose is to prank your friends or entertainment in the form of transforming your picture to an old man, a zombie or… Read More »

How a Couple’s Financial Incompatibility Doesn’t Need to be a War

They say all is fair in love and war. Marriage often ends up falling in both categories. Sometimes the war is just a big part of love. But the war over finances can very easily turn ugly if the partners don’t match when it comes to their attitudes towards financial planning. Here’s a couple that… Read More »