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4 Cornerstones of Financial Literacy

If you’re still scanning the horizons for a sign to begin your financial literacy journey, this is it! Read on to understand the four important pillars of financial literacy.

7 Must-Have Money Management Apps To Track Your Expenses

Wondering where all your money goes by the end of each month? Managing finances can be tricky. We look at the top 7 money management apps that can help you manage and track your finances better.

How To Be A Responsible Credit Card User

Are you a responsible Credit Card user? If not, we must warn you that it’s extremely important to use your Credit Card wisely. Why, you ask? Well, it not only helps you stay debt free but also positively affects your Credit score. What more! You can live a stress-free life if you manage your Credit Card responsibly. So, here’s a list of pointers!

Can You Call Yourself Rich?

The happiest person is the richest person, and why wouldn’t we be happy if we had Richie Rich’s mansion, safes and robot maid? ‘Being rich’ is a relative term, however, two common factors which determine the richness of a person are the amount of savings and investments. But, a 10-year delay can destroy your ‘get-rich’ plan.… Read More »

The First Step on the Money Management Diving Board

Water Parks mean fun time for everybody. Before entering the swimming pool or entering the wave pool, all of us first test the water with our toes to see if it’s too cold; then decide whether to take the plunge or not. When it comes to financial planning as well, it’s best to scope out… Read More »

Teaching your child the value of money

Use real-life experiences to demonstrate everything you want to teach. Learning by observing and doing is the most powerful tool. Such as when you go grocery shopping, and can use the opportunity to showcase planned spending, or how to recognise value for money. Or if you decide to use a credit card at a restaurant,… Read More »

Five ways to help you cope with recession blues!

It is a cycle. When there is a boom, there is always a crash around the corner. Real estate prices became sky scrapers by themselves and the inevitable, a stabilization and correction of prices was bound to follow. People whose lives have seen more than one recession have come to terms with it and have… Read More »

Budgeting for salaried people Part I

Having a budget does not mean that one has to be an Uncle Scrooge (as in Walt Disney). A budget is meant for maintaining ones’ comfortable life style and also achieves dreams and goals with less financial stress. A good budget will plan for any contingencies and also positive events. It will also have provisions… Read More »

Watch out for these seven money facts!

Whatever your earnings, you can set aside a portion for saving. Simple budgeting, translated as spending lesser than you earn can pave the way to start saving. If you do not think about saving as early as possible you will lose out on significant sums of money at a later stage in life. Needs are… Read More »