10 Dead-Easy Saving Habits for You

By Kishore Sabareeshan | September 23, 2018

Tired of cruising through the first week of the month and then crawling your way through the rest? The solution to your financial problems may be easier than you think. Read on!

10 Dead-Easy Saving Habits for You

There’s no doubt that saving money is easier said than done. You can chart out a million plans to save; the true test is to actually stick to your word and do it. So, for those of you who are slowly giving up hope of being able to save money, we’re here to help.

If you think about it, saving money doesn’t have to be hard; it has more to do with small changes, the best of which are shared in this article.

PS: This list is specially compiled for those of you who are new to savings and are looking for easy ways to cut down on expenses!

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Start simple – collect your change

The idea of keeping a piggy bank may seem trivial to an adult, but hey, tiny drops make an ocean. Most of us leave a coin or note in our pockets every now and then. Why not empty pockets every day and put the change in a bowl? You’ll be surprised to see how much money you’ve saved over a couple of months. Try it; it’s super easy!

Be a switchboard ninja

More often than not, the simplest way to reduce your cash burden is to save on the basic stuff, like your energy bill for instance. Being a little vigilant about the amount of energy you consume is not only good for the planet but your wallet too – all it takes is a hit on the switch.

Order in smartly

When it comes to food, we all have our cravings. That’s fine, but did you know you could streamline your food orders without compromising on taste? Let’s understand this better with an example. Say you’re craving a combination of rice and tandoori chicken. Now, rice is something you can cook at home, right? Why waste money on that; just order your tandoori chicken and cook rice at home – money saved, meal uncompromised!

Don’t compromise on quality

Let’s take you through an example most of us can relate to – purchasing a set of earphones. Now, if you opt for earphones of a local make just because it’s easy on the pocket, you may want to rethink your saving strategy. While it’s not advisable to only depend on top brands of electronics, it makes sense to buy items that are of good quality, even if they may set you back by a few bucks. The durability of the item will actually help you save in the long run because you won’t need to spend on replacements. A local set, on the other hand, may serve your purpose for six to eight months, post which you’ll need a new one!

Use a Cashback Credit Card

At some point in your life, you may develop the need to own a Credit Card. Remember to choose one that gives you saving benefits. Cashback Credit Cards help you save with every swipe. They’re usually loaded with cash-based rollbacks and other offers. So, if cash is your target, this Credit Card can add to your savings.

Check your eligibility for a Cashback Credit Card

Identify free recreational areas

While it’s alright to catch up with your friends at a pub or a café every now and then, try and mix up your venue or activity. Plan to meet up at a park or a picnic spot once in a while. This way, you’ll have lesser food and beverage bills to deal with over time, plus you’ll actually get to do something healthy, like a jog in the park or hike up a nearby hillock!

Get a water filter

Yup, you read that right (we told you this list was all about the basics, didn’t we)! If you’re buying drinking water every other week, that’s an area of expense you may want to look into. You could consider investing in a reliable water filter; think of it as capital investment for more savings in the future.

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Embrace coupons and vouchers

Email inboxes are constantly flooded with promotional mailers these days. So, it’s easy to miss a coupon every now and then. But if you just spend 10-15 minutes of your time combing through your mail, you’ll surely find an offer or voucher that you can use for something or the other – bottom line, money saved.

Snack up before you go to the movies

It can be very tempting to get a big bucket of popcorn as you enter any movie hall, but movie counter snack rates are unbelievably unreasonable! A couple of snacks in and you’ll have spent more on your food than the movie ticket itself. You can always avoid this from happening by eating somewhere cheaper on the way!

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Try to repair before you replace

Most of us jump to the next mobile phone as soon as we start experiencing some minor issues with our current phone. It helps to take a moment to isolate the issue; for all you know, a small repair job can get your phone back in top condition. So, consider repair first. And think about replacing your gadgets (or anything else for that matter) only if there’s no way to get it fixed.

So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the easiest ways to get on-board the savings train. Good luck!

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