5 Reasons Why You Should Get A YES Bank Credit Card

By | August 23, 2020

One of the top banks in India that offers a really good range of Credit Cards catering to different customer profiles is YES Bank. Have you explored the cards that YES bank offers?

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A YES Bank Credit Card

Choosing a Credit Card is as tough a decision as choosing a travel destination or might we say choosing a life partner. Okay, that’s being a bit too dramatic. But you get the point we’re making, right?

There are several reasons like annual fees, additional charges, rewards program, benefits offered, etc. as to why choosing a Credit Card is quite a task. We totally get you! Especially with plethora of cards available today – each catering to a specific category or two or providing different benefits, it’s not easy to pick a card that would complement your lifestyle.

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One of the top banks in India that offers a really good range of Credit Cards catering to different customer profiles is YES Bank. Have you explored the cards that YES bank offers? If you haven’t, we’d suggest that you do. Click to learn all about YES Bank’s Credit Cards.

Anyway, here’s why we feel that YES Bank is a strong contender in the Credit Cards market. Before that, if you didn’t know this already, now you can get your favourite YES Bank Credit Card via a 100% online, contactless process via BankBazaar. Apply today!

1 – Contactless process, pre-approved offers

That’s actually two reasons. But there’s plenty of reasons for you to get a YES Bank Credit Card, so it’s fine.

Exclusively via BankBazaar, you can now apply for your favourite YES card, if you’re eligible for it, and complete all the application formalities starting from your identity verification to your KYC online. There’s no need for you to step out of your house, meet any bank personnel, or spend hours at the photocopy place getting your documents sorted.

This not only guarantees your safety in this not-so-pleasant pandemic situation we are all in, but it’s also a really convenient way of getting yourself a new card. Adding to this convenience, YES Bank also has pre-approved offers for select applicants. With a pre-approved offer, the whole application process is completed instantly and you’ll get your card at the earliest too.

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2 – It’s raining reward points!

YES Bank Credit Cards fetch you a certain number of reward points on every Rs. 200 you spend with the card. The number of reward points you get depends on the category you’re spending in. The leading categories for most YES cards are groceries, supermarkets and department stores, travel agents, tour operators and domestic airlines, movies and dining.

While these are the top categories which could earn you 2X to 3X more reward points than usual, your YES card will get you points on spends on all categories, except fuel.

The number of reward points you earn for each spend category also depends on the card variant. A basic Credit Card may fetch you lower points in the same category than a premium card.

For instance, the basic YES Prosperity Credit Card gets you 4 reward points on grocery and supermarket spends, while the premium YES Prosperity Edge card will get you 8 rewards points for the same category.

However, when it comes to YES Bank cards, reward points are a guarantee on all spends.

3 – Fee waiver? Yes, of course!

While YES Bank doesn’t offer any lifetime-free Credit Card currently, most of their cards come with a fee waiver condition which is related to your annual spends with the card.

With the basic cards, the annual fee, which is itself quite a nominal amount, can be waived by spending Rs. 25,000 or Rs. 50,000 in a year. For instance, let’s consider the YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Card. This card charges a joining as well as annual fee of Rs. 499 + GST. The joining fee is waived on spending just Rs. 10,000 within 90 days of receiving the card. And the annual fee is waived on spending Rs. 50,000 every year.

The total annual spends required to waive the annual fee, of course, increases for the premium cards.

4 – Perfect for your everyday spends

Most YES cards, as mentioned earlier, specifically cater to your everyday spends, such as buying groceries and shopping at department stores and supermarkets. As an estimate, an urban household in India spends around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000 a month on groceries and supermarket goods.

On each spend of above Rs. 200 using your YES card, you’ll get reward points based on the card you’re using. If you’re using a YES Cashback card (we’ll discuss this soon), you’ll get 5% cashback on your grocery purchases.

5 – Cashback on your mind? Here you go!

Now, we’ve covered the rewards-based Credit Cards that YES offers, but that’s not all. If you’re more of the cashback type, then there are two amazing Credit Cards for you – the YES Prosperity Cashback and the YES Prosperity Cashback Plus. With these cards, you can get 5% cashback on your grocery and movie spends. Just be safe if you’re going to the movies once theatres open.

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Now, ain’t these the most compelling reasons for you to get a YES Bank Credit Card for yourself? Wait no more; just click the link below to get started with your contactless application process.

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