Carry Not Just Banking but the Whole Banking Industry in Your Pocket!

By | August 27, 2015

Carry not just banking but the whole banking industry in your pocket

Ever used your mobile phone to order mouth-watering biryani as you sit listening half-heartedly to a boring conference? How’s the new dress that you ordered on your mobile while travelling in a bus? Yes, you guessed it right, we are trying to lead you to the laid-back but smart and opportune world of mobile applications.

Today’s game is all about carrying the world in your pocket. From delicious, on-the-spot food ordering to getting a dedicated yoga trainer at home, apps are the most fashionable thing in the market. Seeing the convenience that comes with apps, customers have started preferring them to websites. Intercepting this trend of customer preference, companies of all sorts have started launching mobile apps that are the current big thing in the world of technology.

The ease of doing almost all complex tasks via a couple of screen touches is an exhilarating and empowering experience. Numerous banks have launched mobile apps which offer almost all banking transactions via their mobile applications. State Bank of India, ICICI, HDFC and AXIS are some of the most common and pioneer banks that forayed into the app launching business. However, downloading and using mobile apps is a tricky business since the phone storage is limited and can be expanded only to a certain extent. Hence, the need for an aggregator that would tie up everything and provide all possible financial solutions at a single place. if one such financial aggregator and  a lot more!

Why use the bankbazaar mobile app?

Now browse, compare and apply for loans, credit cards and a host of other financial tools from the comfort of your beloved mobile phone. The mobile app from aims to revolutionize the way customers apply for loans and credit cards and other similar banking products.

  • Avail the comfort of instantaneous loan and credit card quotations on your mobile phone. Experience speed and true digital edge!
  • Check your loan eligibility while on the go. Just key in certain required parameters and see whether you are qualified to avail loan for your dream house or whether that ultra- chic car could be yours.
  • Who would want to wait in queues to fill in that one loan application that is sure to transform your financial realm? Check your application status via the bankbazaar mobile app and use that saved time to grab a warm date with your partner!
  •  Key in your financial need to check if you can fulfill the yearning to explore the Alps as you sit watching the National Geographic on television.
  • Need to transfer money urgently, have the banking app but struggling to obtain the corresponding IFSC? Worry not, just download the bankbazaar app and browse through the IFSC section. All your banking resources are right at the tip of your fingers. Like literally.
  • Weekends lost in bank-hopping instead of pub-hopping? Relax and use the bankbazaar mobile app to compare and get quotes from a host of banks so that your precious time is reserved for precious businesses.
  • Worried about how to ask the bank about your tentative EMI in case the loan is sanctioned? Step back, pull that lovable device out of your pocket and say goodbye to the banking staff. Use the EMI calculators hosted at bankbazaar app to know your monthly loan installments. Now smile and feel proud of how far you and your country has come!
  • Get rid of those nervous breakdowns when the customer care executive speaks bucketful of words incessantly but nothing that would actually make sense. Just log in to the bankbazaar mobile app and track your application status without having to waste your precious time and energy in dealing with unnecessary conversations.
  • No need to get baffled by an army of credit cards from a host of banks promising the best benefits and features. Login to the bankbazaar app, compare various credit cards and insure that the best offer is yours forever.
  • Use the bankbazaar mobile app to compare fixed deposit rates so that you are able to churn maximum gains from your investment.

In short, open a world of banking possibilities by getting the bankbazaar mobile app on your phone. The app is not just another piece of technology but a pocket-sized version of the banking industry. Get the bankbazaar advantage and experience what they really mean when they say smart phones and mobile apps!


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