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Interesting life stories of historic car brands, new launches, variants and choices available for the car buyer

Which Compact Sedan Should You Buy This Festive Season?

Our beloved hatchbacks are so easy to drive, especially in today’s bumper-to-bumper traffic conditions. So it’s hardly surprising that sub-4 metre cars i.e. hatchbacks with a boot are all the rage.

Most Popular Cars In India 2016

Though Maruti and Hyundai continue to dominate the Indian car scene, other players such as Renault and Honda are pulling out all stops to close the gap. Let’s take a closer look at the top-selling cars in the Indian market this year.

Excise Duty Cut in Interim Budget 2014 – Cars get cheaper!

The Union Finance Minister, P Chidambaram presented the Union Interim Budget for 2013 with some relief for the auto industry by announcing excise duty cuts. The excise duty has been reduced across all segments of the auto industry with a follow up reduction in the Central Value Added Tax (CENVAT). However the announcement has been… Read More »

Luxury car loans in India!

With the prosperity ushered in by the economic growth in the country and growing incomes of individuals there has been a steady increase in the demand for luxury cars in the country. With an eye on this powerful market many international luxury car makers have made their presence felt in the nation either by setting… Read More »

The fascinating history of Mercedes-Benz

Another interesting story surrounding this brand is how the logo came into being. The logo for the Mercedes brand was a three pointed star and had been chosen because Gottlieb Daimler had often used a star as a symbol and was fond of saying that this star would one day shine over his own factory… Read More »

The story of Ferrari – Part I

“Patience, my dear friend. The story of the man is the story of the brand. It was, as you pointed out, in the year 1929 that the Scuderia Ferrari, which literally means the Ferrari stable, was founded in Modena. Its main purpose was allowing owner drivers to race. Of course, under Ferrari, it could not… Read More »

Maruti, a life story

1987 marked a very special year for both Maruti as well as our nation with the export of a first lot of 500 cars to Hungary. One can almost feel the jubilation that the workers of MUL must have felt in gaining acceptance in Europe, the very Mecca of automotive engineering. 1992 was a year… Read More »

Which car is ideal for you? A checklist!

When you have quite a bigger amount of money to spare on buying a car or rather as they say, you have arrived in life; it’s time for a luxury sedan or at least a sedan. The price range could be 8-15 lakhs for this category. The cars are longer, more spacious and the price… Read More »