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The fascinating history of Mercedes-Benz

Another interesting story surrounding this brand is how the logo came into being. The logo for the Mercedes brand was a three pointed star and had been chosen because Gottlieb Daimler had often used a star as a symbol and was fond of saying that this star would one day shine over his own factory… Read More »

The story of Ferrari – Part I

“Patience, my dear friend. The story of the man is the story of the brand. It was, as you pointed out, in the year 1929 that the Scuderia Ferrari, which literally means the Ferrari stable, was founded in Modena. Its main purpose was allowing owner drivers to race. Of course, under Ferrari, it could not… Read More »

Maruti, a life story

1987 marked a very special year for both Maruti as well as our nation with the export of a first lot of 500 cars to Hungary. One can almost feel the jubilation that the workers of MUL must have felt in gaining acceptance in Europe, the very Mecca of automotive engineering. 1992 was a year… Read More »

The Story of Ferrari – Part II

“I thought you would never ask! Well, it’s quite a story. I was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, an Italian WWI pilot and a national hero. He used to paint me on the side of his plane. He passed away on 1918, too young to die, but that is all in the past.… Read More »