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Festive Tips: How to close a Car Deal

The holiday season is almost here and with Dussehra and Diwali festivals right around the corner, the best time to buy a car is now. The key factors you need to keep in mind is making sure you buy a car which suits your style and matches your budget. Here are 6 essential tips which might get you a great deal on your first car. Read on!

Planning To Get A Pre-Owned Car? You Must Read This!

So you’ve decided a Pre-Owned car is the way to go. Great choice! Now here’s your to-go guide while you’re at it: Apply Now  History. Vehicle maintenance documents First things first. A vehicle’s history report is essential and your decision to go forward should depend on it. A well-serviced car that has been checked into an authorized… Read More »

Your Checklist for Buying up a Pre-Used Car

Thinking of buying a Pre-Used Car? Apply Now! With new cars whizzing into the market ever so often, a pre-used car is a great choice. Make sure you pay attention to a few things before you set your heart on your chosen vehicle. Car Documentation  Whether you end up using your car within the city… Read More »

The Car of Your Dreams is Parked in Your Phone

Before you pry open your phone looking for the car, think back to when you were a kid and you promised yourself that one day you will have a car that’s your soulmate and it’s something that makes you feel like a kid again. Now that you are all grown up, it’s time to make… Read More »

Getting married is easier than buying the right car!

Car buying is like getting married. The day you decide to go ahead with either of the two, all kinds of advice pour in.  From parents, relatives, distant uncles, pesky neighbours, even your local barber, the opinions can be multiple and quite often, confusing.   In fact, getting married can be relatively easier. Unless you have… Read More »

When is the ideal time to buy a new car?

Buying a new car is a dream come true for many people. A normal priced car may not be as big an investment as a house. Nevertheless, buying a car can be quite a strain on the pocket for the common man and more so if you opt for a high end car. Although car… Read More »