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How To Pre-Validate Your Bank Account For Claiming Tax Refund

Starting this year, there is a slight tweak in the process of claiming your tax refund. Let’s find out more.

Do All NRIs Need To File Tax Before July 31?

With the 31st July deadline for filing tax returns just around the corner, everyone’s talking tax. Are you an NRI? You should be concerned too.

Do You Know These New PAN Card Rules That Came Into Effect In December?

Do you think that you are up-to-date with your knowledge of PAN cards? It’s time to check out these new PAN card rules issued in December 2018. Let’s take a look at the upgrades.

How To Link Aadhar Card With PAN Card

With the Government making it mandatory to link Permanent Account Number with Aadhaar, PAN card holders need to ensure that the linking of both the documents is carried out before March 31, 2018.