Dear Women, It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Finances

By Sanesh Mathew | June 1, 2020

They say that women aren’t great with money. But, we don’t think so. Maybe it’s time all you women out there step up your game and show them.

Dear Women, It's Time To Take Control Of Your Finances

Although the popular belief in India is that women aren’t good when it comes to money, the reality is quite the opposite, if you ask us. Don’t you agree too?

Well, if you don’t agree, then let us tell you that trends across the country have time and again shown that women are better at budgeting and managing expenses than men. But, on that note, due to the constant stereotyping, it is seen that Indian women tend to stay away from handling their own finances and financial planning.

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While more and more women are today stepping up when it comes to their financial matters, it cannot be overlooked that there is still quite a large percentage of women in our country who are still dependent on their spouses or their parents to make their financial decisions for them.

One possible reason for this could be the still persistent notion that it’s a man’s world. For eons, men had the upper hand when it came to financial planning – and, most women, whether they were earning or not – happily let their fathers or husbands enjoy this responsibility. Even to this day, we see quite a chunk of women relying on the men in their families for financial advice.

It’s really sad that presumptions such as managing money is a man’s game and a woman is incapable of making financial decisions actually led to most of the financial inequality that we witness today. Financial inequality that can often be seen in various circumstances in life. That time when the restaurant waiter put the bill in front of the husband and not the wife. That day when the bank representative chose to ignore the lady and spoke to the man about the loan’s requirements. That office canteen get-together where the female colleague gave her opinion on the impact of the then bearish stock market and was frowned at by her male counterparts.

Much blame could be placed on the pervasive drama that’s constantly revolving around us – the media, our day-to-day conversations, financial articles – that somewhat within itself push, strongly or subtly, the notion that men are better when it comes to handling money.

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It’s not a man’s world, not anymore, at least. The scene is changing as more and more women are stepping up and making a name for themselves in every area that was once considered (or even now to some) a man’s playing field. In short, it’s time for all you women folk out there to step up your game.

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