Father’s Day Special: A Poem By CEO Adhil Shetty

By | June 21, 2020

Our CEO Adhil Shetty, penned a heartfelt poem for his daughter to mark her second birthday which co-incidentally also happened to be Father’s Day. 

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Dear baby girl
You have made
A great mother of your mom
A passable father of me
Pulled our strings to wits end
midnight dazed wake ups
never ending un-eaten meals
Arguments over leaked nappys
Testing your parents skills
And relationship
In return
You gave us morning hugs
Breakfast time comics
Kisses before office
Showed us how our parents felt
their infinite love for us
As we grew up like you are now
the wonder of one cell
Turned into a life
How irreplaceable you are sweetheart
Core of our lives
How we cannot imagine
A day without you with us
Of bedtime stories
Of watering plants
Eating orange and watermelon
During the lockdown
Smelling my coffee
Reading your books
you seem to fully understand
Taking ice out of people’s glasses
I am so happy you are two
I am so pleased you are happy
May you stay blessed little one
Hope we can stay alongside you
For some time to come
But for now darling
Happy 2nd Birthday sunshine
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