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5 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Wealth Behind For Your Kids

Most parents work hard to ensure their kids are well taken care of even when they’re not around. Here are 5 things to do before leaving a substantial amount of wealth behind for your kids.

Plan Your Personal Finances Before You Plan Your First Child

A million little steps precede the arrival of your little one. Are you ready, money-wise, to take care of all these steps?

How To Grow Money While Growing A Baby

Preparing for parenthood isn’t just about pint-sized clothing and cooing over ultrasound photos. Budgeting for the new arrival to your family is just as important. Here’s everything you need to know to power through as parents-to-be.

Smart Ways To Save & Invest For Your Child’s Education

Education is becoming more expensive by the day. To plan your child’s education well, here’s how you can save and invest right.

6 Essential Financial Planning Goals That Can’t Run Out Of Gas

Plans without goals are like driving without a steering wheel – you can’t be accused of doing nothing but you have no way of knowing whether you’ll still be in one piece when you stop driving, let alone know whether you’ll reach your destination. So, quick! Here are 6 essential goals you need to lock… Read More »

Sukanya Samridhhi versus MFs: A No-holds-barred Face-off

Suhasini, a mother of a 5-year-old girl, is in a dilemma. Ever since the government has announced the launch of a scheme for girl child—Sukanya Samriddhi, her relatives are after her life to get an account opened. The buzz around the scheme has already created a lot of excitement, and Suhasini is being virtually ‘poked’… Read More »

Who Else Wants To Know How Child Plans Work

The birth of a child brings immeasurable joy to parents. However, after the initial euphoria subsides, the future expenses start staring at you in the face. Add to this the innumerable ads on TV and print media, and you’re left with only one choice: buy a child plan. That’s the beginning of your second problem… Read More »

5 reasons why you drain your finances when you hit 60s

“One should never get old!!” said Mr. Khanna in a disappointed voice. The four colleagues, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Desai, Mr. Mehta and Mr. Ghosh were sitting in their office canteen having evening tea. All were about to retire in the next 3 months. Mr. Khanna continued: “I was just speaking to our accounts department and… Read More »

A Yojana today keeps your apple’s blues away!

So you buy your daughter toys, take her out for her favourite dessert, give her a good education and treat her to the best things in life that you can afford because she is the apple of your eye. But, apples need protection! Have you ever thought about how you will secure her future? Your… Read More »