Financial Horoscope For 2020

By Sanesh Mathew | February 3, 2020

So, will you be minting money or is it going to be a tough year financially for you? Let’s find out what the stars are saying.

Financial Horoscope For 2020

We get that this is a little late post, but aren’t you a little curious to know how this year is going to turn out for your finances. We bet you are!

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So, will you be minting money or is it going to be a tough year financially for you? Let’s find out what the stars are saying.


Looks like it’s going to a positive year for you as far as finances are concerned, thanks to Jupiter. However, you should be careful when making any big financial decision in the latter half of the year.

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Steer clear of any financial involvements with family members. Apart from that, you’re going to fare well financially. However, make sure that you adopt a rather slow approach.


This year, the two important things for you to do are start saving and create a contingency fund. We’d also suggest that you try your best to curb unwanted spending as you’re likely to be faced with an emergency or two that would require you to spend some chunk of cash.

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The stars are in your favour. Looks like you are going to be lucky with money in 2020. You’d probably be seeing a decent pay hike too. Also, since the money gods are, of course, on your side, it may be a good year to try your luck with lotteries – probably you’ll strike it rich.


Things may be a little dicey for the first quarter, but if you’re cautious with your money dealings, then there isn’t much to worry. Post this period, your finances will be stable for the rest of the year.


Expenses might increase for you. This coupled with your tendency to excessively spend on things you don’t need can get your finances in trouble. Raking up debt on your Credit Cards isn’t really a good idea. So, we’d suggest you leave that card at home when you go mall hopping. Also, try budgeting to reduce unwanted spends.


You’re likely to see a few financial downs in the first half of the year. But, keep going as things are likely to turn for the good in the latter half. And during the good phase, we suggest that you take every money-making opportunity that comes your way. Also, in case you want help to sail through the tough days, you may want to check out these instant-approval Personal Loan deals.


There may be an out-of-the-blue situation or two that will see you shell out extra money – so be prepared with an emergency funds. Apart from that, it looks like a pretty decent year for your finances. We’d suggest that you consider making some wise investments that would help your overall wealth increase.


A few unanticipated expenses are expected. However, most of you are already good at handling money, so this shouldn’t pose a problem. But yet, be careful. Confidence is good, but overconfidence isn’t.


Hasty financial decisions – a big NO-NO! The year is going to be a sort of rollercoaster ride for you. You are going to be presented with quite a few financial obstacles through the year. But, don’t worry! Handle the tough times wisely and you may be rewarded for your perseverance.

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You’re likely to see a lot of ups and downs. While a few months may be lucky for your pocket, some may not see any monetary gains at all. We suggest you concentrate on saving a decent chunk of your income every month. Also, be cautious when investing.


You seem to be holding on to a lot of liquid cash. Hey, did you not hear about the benefits of investing? Well, you could double your money in a few years. Why don’t you give it a shot? Also, there are going to be a few emergency expenses, so, be prepared.

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