How to Fly First Class Without Breaking the Bank

By Kishore Sabareeshan | October 23, 2018

Want to fulfil your dream of flying first class? Here are some hacks that will help make your dream come true!

How to Fly First Class Without Breaking the Bank

Ah, a first-class flight ticket; it’s always had this aura around it, right? Most of us have, at some point, dreamt of flying in luxury by spoiling ourselves with the ‘first class’ experience, but the price of these premium flight tickets has been a deal-breaker.

While flying Economy Class is the more economical choice, the first-class experience is certainly worth, well, experiencing. Think about it – you’re amidst the clouds; you get a cosy, roomy seat; you’re pampered with exclusive snacks, and you can also draw the curtains. Thankfully, now there are Credit Cards that can help you experience first-class air travel without having to break the bank.

So, want to spread your wings and knock the first-class flight experience off your bucket list? Here’s how you can do it!

Get a Travel Credit Card

Let alone travelling first class; if you’re a frequent flyer, you’re losing out on so much if you don’t own a travel Credit Card. Sure, your existing card may offer you decent deals on flights, but if it’s not a specialised travel card, it won’t get you Air Miles and Frequent Flyer benefits that are super useful when you make future bookings.

If you own a travel Credit Card and have gathered a decent number of Air Miles and rewards, you can one day fund most of your first-class flight ticket with just these! How cool would that be?

The logic is quite simple for travel Credit Cards; fly more to clock in more Air Miles, and shop more or swipe more to bulk up your reward points. Simple, right?

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Go Premium One Way

If two first-class tickets seem a bit pricey, you could always consider travelling economy one way and flying in style on your return flight. This way, you save on your second flight but still you get to knock your dream of flying first class off your bucket list.

Check Out Upgrade Rates

Sometimes, upgrading your economy ticket to a first-class ticket can work out better than getting a premium ticket straightway. Do your research and check out the rates different airlines charge for seat upgrades. Book your economy ticket and then upgrade for a premium one at desirable rate. For this approach, the trick lies in thorough research.

Now that you need what you need to make your first-class flying experience a reality, here are some things you need to keep in mind while booking your premium flight ticket.

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Be flexible with dates

You’re more likely to get the best value out of your premium booking when travel dates are a little low on demand, so pick your travel dates wisely or keep your dates open.

Zero in on your airline

Why? Simply because this will help you choose or use the right travel Credit Card. Airlines tie up with certain cards to give exclusive offers to users of that specific brand of Credit Card, so it makes sense for you to zero in on an airline by thoroughly learning about the card affiliated to it as well as the kind of first-class experience you can expect from it.

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Look for a flight with a long duration

Nobody wants to fly first-class for a couple of hours, right? If you really want to get the full-fledged luxury flying experience, look up long flights. Of course, you have to be flexible with your destination since we’re assuming your dream of flying first class is priority here.

Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen! Once you get these factors in place, you can be one step closer to sipping some wine in the skies, while enjoying comfort and entertainment from the choicest flight amenities.

Ready to fly?

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