iPhone 11 – The People’s iPhone!

By | October 24, 2019

The reason for the iPhone 11’s popularity can be attributed to its rather affordable pricing. Read on to find out what the iPhone 11 offers and if it is really a value-for-money iPhone.

iPhone 11 – The People’s iPhone!

It’s been over a month since this year’s range of iPhones – the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max – hit the market. While the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are the classier and pricier of the lot, the iPhone 11 is the one that grabbed all the eyeballs this year.

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The reason for the 11’s popularity can be attributed to its rather affordable pricing. This phone starts at just Rs. 64,900 for the 64 GB variant. Okay, it isn’t really affordable – agreed! However, compared to Apple’s usual pricing, the iPhone 11’s price tag is to die for! Plus, if you hold an HDFC Debit or Credit Card, you get an instant discount of Rs. 6,000 if you purchase the phone on Amazon or Flipkart. Now that’s a good deal, right?

So, what’s good and bad about the iPhone 11, oft referred to as the people’s iPhone? Let’s get into the deets, shall we?

The Good

Despite lacking the premium-ness that its classier siblings come with, the 11 comes with the same hardware under the hood like the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. It uses the same A13 bionic chip, Apple’s latest chipset, and 4 GB of RAM, just like its pricier siblings. So, as far as performance is concerned, the 11 does pack a punch whether you’re gaming, editing videos or playing around with AR applications.

The battery life is excellent too. Being a successor to last year’s iPhone XR, touted as the iPhone with the longest battery life till date, the 11 does a little better by giving you an hour more of battery juice than the XR. So, don’t shy away from using your iPhone 11. However, do keep in mind that the phone doesn’t come with a fast charger in the box, so it will take a while for the phone to reach the 100% mark.

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Coming to the cameras, the 11 comes with two rear cameras, compared to just the one that was seen on the XR, and a 12 MP selfie camera. At the rear, one is a 12 MP wide camera and the other is a 12 MP wide-angle camera. Sorry, no telephoto camera here. Though we aren’t very fond of the whole camera design (even though it looks way better than the weird 3-camera setup on the 11 Pro), the 11’s rear cameras are a delight. With an improved portrait mode and a new high-key mono portrait lighting effect, the new Night mode, an upgraded interface and the magical ‘Deep Fusion’ tech, you can be rest assured of getting amazing clicks in any situation.

Another good thing about the 11 is its choice of colours. The iPhone 11 comes in 6 different colours – black, white, red, green, purple and yellow. How cool is that?

The Bad

Probably the weakest link in the iPhone 11 is the display. The 6.1-inch LCD display doesn’t justify the phone’s pricing and makes it fall way behind competition and even its own siblings. However, on the bright side, despite the low screen resolution, most of us aren’t going to notice too much of a difference unless we probably place the 11 next to another device with an OLED or Super AMOLED like the OnePlus 7 pro or the iPhone 11 Pro. That said, if you’re the type who consumes a lot of media or does a lot of video/photo editing on your phone, then you’d better invest in a device with a higher screen resolution.

Another drawback is the lack of a fast charger in the box. While the phone does have an above-average battery life, it takes ages to fully charge the device, approximately about three hours to get from 0% to 100%.

That’s about it. We cannot think of any other cons of this beautiful slab of glass, aluminium and circuits. Can you? Leave us a comment below then.

To Buy Or Not?

We’d say that this iPhone is a great buy, considering everything it offers at its rather low price. However, if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, you can go for last year’s iPhone XR if you want to stay with Apple, or you can consider the OnePlus 7 which is currently retailing at just Rs. 29,999 or the OnePlus 7 Pro which starts from Rs. 48,999.

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