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Is There A Perfect Credit Card for You?

Of Course There is a right credit card for you! Read on. We’d like to believe there are 3 kinds of people in the world – frequent credit card users, the careful ones and non-believers. We are here to UNITE the world. Contrary to popular belief, there just might be a right card for everyone.… Read More »

Multiple Credit Cards and You: a Match Made in Heaven?

Lots of Skittles, Snickers, Temptations and Eclairs laid out especially for you may make you fall in love with candy all over again. But too much candy can just as easily give you a stomach ache and loads of cavities. We’re sure you disagree (it’s okay, everybody loves chocolate). Multiple Credit Cards can seem just… Read More »

What to remember when you shop for credit cards!

There’s no doubt that credit cards are very convenient to carry and transact with, especially when one is on holiday and it is unsafe to carry a lot of cash or when one is shopping for expensive products. Often, individuals are offered credit cards with great schemes directly by the bank. However, when we set… Read More »