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9 Lesser-Known Facts About Banking Services

Here’s a list of 9 lesser-know banking services that can make your life easier than you imagined. Read on!

5 Things to Check Before Investing in a Corporate Fixed Deposit

If a company needs funds for expansion, there are many avenues they can turn to. Opening corporate fixed deposits are one such option. Corporate FDs work in an investors favour as they have higher interest rates compared to bank FDs. Things to check before saying ‘Yes’ to a corporate FD A certain degree of due… Read More »

5 Smart Tips to get the Best Interest Rates on Your Car Loan

So you’ve picked out a beautiful sleek car after a lot of nail biting and you’re already imagining driving it. Stop. Are you sure you’re ready for your car loan though? Getting a car loan may look simple in today’s instant loan era, but getting the best rate for your car loan is the most… Read More »

5 Clever Tips to get Better Rates on Personal Loans

Be it buying a gadget online, getting the best airline deal or holiday package, there are always tips and tricks to get the best deals. We have some tips laid out for personal loans too. Just tweaking your personal loan application or following some basic tips, can get you lower interest rate for your loans.… Read More »

6 Hard-nosed Facts You Need to Know When Inflation Gets Deflated

First, the good news. Inflation, or rise in prices, has a bloody nose from the pounding it’s been taking this year. While the Consumer Price Index (CPI) based inflation has dipped to 3.66% in August, the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation has plummeted to -4.95%. In fact, the WPI-based inflation has been floating in negative territory… Read More »

How Interest is Calculated on Personal Loans

Perhaps the most vital information you seek before applying for a Personal Loan, “How much interest will I pay?” Here’s how the interest on your Personal Loan is calculated. <Apply Now>                                                                    Monthly Income There’s a definite relationship between your salary and interest rate. If you make less than Rs.35, 000 per month, the interest you… Read More »

Home Loans: Between The Lines

We’re Answering Some ‘Un’frequently Asked Questions. Applying for a home-loan is a big decision and requires some serious contemplation. It involves a constant stream of funds leaving your bank account for many years. While one may take an informed decision, research shows that the finer, important points are still missed by customers quite often. Enter… Read More »

All You Need to Know about Personal Loans

When we don’t know much about something, it makes us nervous. A Personal Loan for the credit worthy is indeed a boon in the hour of sudden need.  Most of us are quite reluctant about any kind of borrowing. Understand your Personal Loans better. Here’s all you need to know: EMI and Tenure EMI (Equated… Read More »